Abstract Artist Nestor Toro – Los Angeles

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“I want my art to transport the viewer to a mental landscape of contemplation each time they experience it.  Nestor Toro – Los Angeles

Artist Nestor Toro’s style is difficult if not impossible to pin down and there is a very good reason for that. While some have suggested he stay within the boundaries of a particular style, he simply has too many ideas to be confined to one particular style…and why should he be when he clearly excels at a full spectrum of amazing styles. This independent and bold approach combined with his boundless creative talent have resulted in a steady and growing demand for this Los Angeles abstract artist’s original abstract art.


Here Are Some Comments From Collectors…

“The painting arrived in perfect condition as promised and I could tell it was professionally packed. The colors are wonderful and exactly what I was looking for.

Mr. Toro kept me informed of the shipping status, and even knew when the painting arrived and emailed me to assure that everything was fine! I am very pleased with the purchase from start to finish. I have received many compliments from my friends and family!

I am sure that I am will be adding another of your amazing works to my growing collection very soon. Best of luck in the business, you are certainly talented enough for it! Thank you”

Mary T."Outstanding"

“Although I had never seen Nestor’s work in person I was especially drawn to one of his works. I knew that there was something special about it so I decided to pull the trigger and bought it just from the photos! I contacted Nestor and he personally helped me every step of the way.

I am so happy that I did…the pictures didn’t begin to do it justice! The detail and talent that went into creating this work makes it worth twice the price I paid and to be honest, I plan on buying a few more of his works in the same style before someone else buys the ones I have my eye on or he raises his prices because they are certainly outstanding in quality!”

David S."Highly Recommended"

“Stunned but in a GOOD way! I was really needing a larger piece for behind my couch in the new apartment which had white walls so I really wanted something to tie the accent colors in the room together in a focal point and I wanted that focal point to be a large abstract. I found Nestor’s work on one of the online art galleries and ALL the colors I was looking for were in one of his works! Besides that, the style of the piece really fit the “vibe” I wanted to create in the first place so I immediately bought it.

As I said, I was stunned when I received it. The richness of tone and the details are amazing and the 36 by 48 fills the space I had perfectly! It’s like it was a commissioned piece just for me – I LOVE IT! Thank you”

Sharon C."Stunned"

Gallery Owner Comment – 

Abstracts are is a very special genre of artwork. It is still evolving with abstract expressionist inspired artists like Nestor Toro pushing the boundaries with innovative techniques of materials and mediums. He is a L.A. artist and Los Angeles has always been a creative center for the arts. The art scene has exploded in Los Angeles recently. I can tell you why. When you are in L.A. you can feel the creative energy all around in this city.”

Abstract artist Nestor Toro’s abstract art is powerful, intense, and most of all genuine. The artist’s abstract paintings are extraordinary and beautiful. The artist’s series are all clearly inspired from the same idea and are always very cohesive. The entire body of art this artist has created to this point is staggering. Just look at the list of sold abstract artwork on the artist’s website It is clear why Los Angeles collectors are seeking him out to have abstract artworks commissioned for their homes. This abstract artist is a true talent in contemporary abstract art and I fully expect the demand for his abstract artwork to continue as more collectors discover this gifted emerging abstract artist. ”   Robert Anderson – Gallery Owner


Nestor Toro’s abstract art is in private Los Angeles collections and worldwide in 20 countries on 5 continents

A collector in India has collected 6 works in his first order - Thank you!

New Collector In India

I am thrilled to announce that I have wonderful new collector…
Early Spring by abstract artist - Nestor Toro in Los Angeles
SOLD Shadowy Spectra (2015) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro in Los Angeles

SOLD - Shadowy Spectra by L.A. Artist - Nestor Toro

I am happy to announce the sale of a third work to one of my…
SOLD Abstract Allure II (2015) Mixed Media painting by Nestor Toro $3,860 Sold
SOLD - Abstract Colorfield-Enchanted Landcape II (2017) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro in Los Angeles

SOLD - Enchanted Landscape 2

Lately I have been selling a lot of unstretched canvases which…
SOLD - Sunset Reflections 1 (2017) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro in Los Angeles

SOLD - Sunset Reflections 1

I am happy to announce that my work entitled Sunset Reflections…
SOLD - Rising Fantasy (Gardens) MASSIVE 40*60 Inche STATEMENT WORK (2016) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro

SOLD - Rising Fantasy (Gardens)

I am very happy to post that a collector in Massachusetts has…
SOLD Artwork by Nestor Toro - Los Angeles abstract artist

SOLD - Translucent Deep Landscape by Nestor Toro

SOLD - Translucent Deep Landscape (2016) Here is the third work…
Translucent Blue Landscape (2016) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro in Los Angeles

SOLD - Translucent Blue Landscape by Nestor Toro

SOLD - Translucent Blue Landscape (2016) Here is the second…
Translucent Landscape (2016) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro in Los Angeles

SOLD - Translucent Landscape by Nestor Toro!

I am happy to post that the wonderful collector in Texas who…