Los Angeles Artist Nestor Toro’s Paintings In Private Collections


 American artist Nestor Toro (b. 1976) is an internationally collected abstract painter known for his bold use of color and complex layering blending chaos and harmony to create works that are in private collections on 5 continents and over 25 countries. Nestor Toro is an independent abstract painter working and living in Los Angeles. Nestor is influenced by abstract expressionist artists including such as Jackson Pollock and Joan Mitchell as well as Gerhard Richter being a major influence on Nestor’s work. He has developed his unique techniques over the years during which he is continuously innovating to create works with emphasis on bold color combinations, blending, and a gestural style. Nestor creates each work with no preconceived outcome in mind, preferring to let the technique guide him in creating complex paintings.

Nestor’s abstract style allows the viewer to experience the artwork through the color combinations, brush strokes, and other gestural techniques. Working primarily with fluid acrylics along with other mediums, he creates intricate works that lure the viewer in with the complexities of the bold color, pattern, and movement. Nestor’s artwork is intended to be a visual experience which evoke a feeling of transport from the viewer. Nestor’s extensive world travels have changed his perspective and provide inspiration to create artworks that do the same for the viewer – elicit the feeling of perception shift that is unique emotionally and intellectually giving each viewer a different personal experience.