Nestor Toro has developed his unique styles and methods after experimenting with mediums such as inks and paint. Nestor works with the finest acrylic paints to create his abstract art in his studio space in Los Angeles. It only a few short years Nestor’s abstract expressionistic paintings can be found around the world on 5 continents and over 25 countries!

Recently the online gallery ArtFinder recommended him as an artist to invest in for 2018. This is not only a great honor but simply the truth. Numbers do not lie and Nestor’s abstract art has increased nearly 100% since he started selling on that gallery (he sells on many of the top galleries) in 2014.

Imagine having an investment that you can look at and enjoy each day knowing that it is appreciating in value with each passing year. You can find more of Nestor’s abstract art at the site Pure Abstractions – but before you head over there, shop right here on the site for the very latest works available.

Meet The Artist

Nestor Toro – Los Angeles

Nestor Toro creates one of a kind abstract art

“Nestor Toro’s abstract art paintings are poetry for the eyes with perfect color combinations and a masterful yet spontaneous way of painting that captures harmony and balance on the canvas. Abstract art painter Nestor Toro’s style is difficult if not impossible to pin down and there is a very good reason for that he simply has too many ideas to be confined to one particular style or look but they all have at least one thing in common – poetic balance!

If you have any true interest in abstract art let your eye guide you and simply view the art. You will soon be able to understand good from bad as you allow yourself to actually “see” and experience the entire work and not simply focus on small parts of it. You will actually see the balance in the apparent chaos and suddenly come to understand that the color placement is NOT random at all but deliberately placed there by the artist.

Nestor Toro is a true artist and as such doesn’t rely on a “formula” that is repeated over and over, but rather creates truly unique one of kind works that each stand on their own. Nestor’s artistic vision, natural skill and ability enable him to create work you will proudly display and enjoy for the rest of your life knowing you have made a wise investment!

Nestor’s bold approach to painting combined with his boundless creative energy and talent have resulted in a steady and growing demand for this Los Angeles abstract painters original contemporary abstract art. If you are not yet familiar with Nestor Toro’s abstract art get ready to experience some exciting, powerful, and poetically balanced abstract paintings – Enjoy!” Lee