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SOLD – Outside The Greenhouse by Nestor Toro

Another abstract painting sold and this time to a collector in Germany via Singulart gallery. This work is 20 x 16 inches and is called Outside the Greenhouse. It is nature inspired as so much of my work is with organic colors as you might imagine (see below). Explore the SHOP and check out the […]

SOLD – Sunny Retreat by Nestor Toro

I would like to thank Dorothy from Virginia who is the new owner of Sunny Retreat. This work is nature inspired and measures 20 x 16 inches. Contemporary abstract color field acrylic painting with lots of color blending, contrast and fine details. Textured with many layers of plaster to prime the canvas then applied acrylic […]

Just Like Honey by Nestor Toro – SOLD

I paint a wide range of styles and when I am asked me what my style is I generally give an explanation rather than a simple label. I tell them that more than putting a label on work and myself I prefer to simply say that I am a painter. My techniques define me more […]

SOLD – After The Rainfall by Nestor Toro

I am happy to post that my work “After The Rainfall” has been acquired by a collector named Shaun in New York City. This work measures 36 x 48 inches. This is a vibrant statement work as you can see from the photos below. The work is inspired by nature (as so much of my […]

SOLD – Summer Daydreaming 4 by Nestor Toro

Another collector has found my work on Saatchi art gallery and has purchased Summer Daydreaming 4 from my Summer Daydreaming series! The work has vibrant colors including red, yellow, blue, green acrylic abstract multi paneled signed and ready to hang. It measures 20 x 48 inches. Multi-panel acrylic abstract color field muted color palette. For […]

SOLD – Infinite Secrets by Nestor Toro

I am happy to post that I have sold my work called Infinite Secrets to a collector via the Saatchi art gallery! The work is nature inspired as much of my work is. It measures Size: 17 x 47 inches. Bright colors which invoke the feeling of blossoms in the spring time in some secret […]

SOLD – A Closer Look (Light Intrusion) by Nestor Toro L.A.

Happy to announce that another work from my series “A Closer Look” has been purchased by Elizabeth in Oregon. Elizabeth found this work on Zatista Gallery. This work is called A Closer Look (Light Intrusion) and is new for spring 2019! The work is nature inspired and is done in my active “drizzles” style which […]

Verdor (A Romance With Green) by Nestor Toro – SOLD

I am happy to post that my work Verdor (A Romance With Green) has been sold to a collector shopping my shop at the Saatchi Art gallery. NATURE INSPIRED FINE ABSTRACT – ONE OF A KIND! Green is one of my favorite colors and very relaxing to paint with. This abstract painting is very layered […]

SOLD – The Dreaming V by Nestor Toro

The Dreaming V from the series “The Dreaming” has been sold to a collector in my very own town of Los Angeles. I am happy that this work has a new home and will soon be enjoyed by a collector. This work is 20 x 16 inches and as you can see the texture gives […]

Nestor Toro’s Studio Floor and Shoes

I often have a very active and spontaneous style of painting which as you can see from these studio shots can get rather “interesting” if you know what I mean! Of course this represents hundreds and hundreds of tubes of paint and I am sure enough canvas to cover a football field! The reward is […]