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Saatchi Art Sales

I was featured in the New This Week collection on Monday 9.28.2020 and I am quite please to post that I sold 3 works yesterday to 3 different collectors at Saatchi Art! Always exciting to be featured in a collection as it not only represents a level of achievement but the secondary effect is exposure […]

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Saatchi Art’s “New This Week” 09-28-2020

I am thrilled to announce that I have had yet another work included in Chief Curator – Rebecca Wilson’s collection of “New This Week” work for September 28th 2020 but trust me – it never gets old and is always exciting and an honor to be included! As the Chief curator and VP of Saatchi […]

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Recently SOLD Abstracts by Nestor Toro

It’s been awhile since I did a detailed post with ALL of the recently sold work for 2020 so I am making a post highlighting a select few (as there are too many to post them all) and a huge thank you for all the collectors who had purchased my art before and to all […]

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Nestor Toro’s Abstract Art In Homes

It is my passion to create art and express myself and it is rewarding to know that collectors respond passionately to my work – so much so that they find works that they want to own. Since I sell work all over the world it is nice to see what they look like in collector’s […]

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Saatchi Art – “New This Week” June 15, 2020 Collection!

It is always rewarding to be acknowledged so I thrilled to once again be included in the New This Week collection. The collection is curated by the Chief Curator and Director of Saatchi Art Rebecca Wilson. While my work has been included New This Week collections it is always an honor be have work included […]

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SOLD – Contemplation from Nestor Toro’s series – “9 1/2 Hours”

I am happy to announce that a collector has purchased another of the works from my 9 canvas series called “9 1/2 Hours”! This is a series that I created to commemorate a trip to Argentina that took an unexpected turn as life often does – I mean just look at right now in 2020! […]

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Keep Calm and Carry On!

These are uncertain times – None of us has experienced this before and yet we must go on as humans have always done. In these times spending more time at home you have an opportunity to create an environment that is both motivational and stress reducing. Abstract art is just the thing to address both […]

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SOLD – Blooming Garden (Flow Spectra) by Nestor Toro

I am happy to announce that my work entitled Blooming Garden (Flow State) has been purchased by a collector from Zatista which is one of the wonderful galleries that sell my artwork! This work was created starting with hand cut and primed canvas. It is done in an action painting style that I call “drizzles” […]

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SOLD – Morning in the Clouds 2 by Nestor Toro

Happy to announce that my work entitled Morning in the Clouds 2 has been purchased and is on it’s way to Italy! The work was sold via the Singulart Gallery. I am thrilled to have yet another work hanging in Italy. Even though we are currently experiencing a pandemic and limited in our movement there […]

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Saatchi Art “New This Week / 04-28-2020” Collection

Happy to announce that one of my recent works Blinding Yellow Lights was included in this week’s New This Week for April 28, 2020 which is a collection curated by the chief curator Rebecca Wilson! It’s always an honor to be included in this important collection as there are only 52 of them with an […]

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SOLD – Wild Dreams in L.A. by Nestor Toro

I am thrilled to post that my work called Wild Dreams and is 36 x 48 inches was just purchased. The work was purchased by a collector in San Francisco and is now being enjoyed as what I am sure, is a beautiful addition – Thank You Marc Inspired by the colors I love, all […]