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Saatchi Art – “New This Week” Collection – June 14, 2021

It is always rewarding to have your work acknowledged so having my painting – A Color Equation 3 included in the Saatchi Art gallery’s weekly collection of New Work by Rebecca Wilson – Chief Curator and Director at Saatchi Art is especially thrilling for me! Here is the featured work – A Color Equation 3 […]

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Gerhard Richter: Cage Paintings / Gagosian Gallery – Beverly Hills

The lock-down has not been easy on anyone. I am fortunate to live in Los Angeles and to have the opportunity to attend this exhibit as the first art exhibition I was able to attend since the pandemic started – what an amazing showing it was! Gerhard Richter: Cage Paintings / Dec 2020 / Gagosian […]

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Tales From The Studio Of Nestor Toro – Post #1

I am starting a NEW Series of blog posts that I am calling “Tales From The Studio”. In it I want to share with you some of the interesting things and/or experiences that I have encountered or dealt with as a working artist! This the first post from the series! I hope you enjoy this […]

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2020 Recap and Looking Forward to 2021

Now that we have come to the close of 2020 I would like to share a few of observations for you from an artist’s point of view during this most unusual year. In times of stress we turn to art for relaxation and positive motivation. Surrounding yourself with artwork that genuinely moves you can pull […]

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ShoutOutLA Interview – Dec 2020

SHOUTOUT LA is an amazing online publication which gives you a fascinating peek (if you will) into the worlds of independent artist’s, small business owners, and creatives from a vast field that we have in Los Angeles! They are an part of Voyage LA who did an interview with me in April 2018 so I […]

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Saatchi Holiday Catalog Print Edition – 2020!

Happy Holidays to everyone! 2020 has been a challenging year but when you think about it ALL years are challenging and while some might seem to be overwhelming we have always carried on and we will continue to do so! The finer things in life such as original art are what inspire and motivate us […]

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New Singulart Gallery Collection – “Hot Right Now”

I am happy to share with you that one of my works was included in a new collection entitles “HOT RIGHT NOW” at Singulart gallery! The featured work is called Lavish Purple Spectra and was created this year. It is a bold statement piece and is a wonderful focal point for any room.   I […]

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This has been a challenging year for everyone. 2020 is not a year that will soon be forgotten but life goes on! One of the things that makes life worth living is ART – imagine the world without ART! I certainly can not nor would I want to. Art motivates and lifts us up to […]

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Saatchi Art – New This Week – Oct 26 2020

Great news! Excited to announce that one of my works – Sunny Forest Canopy (2020) has been featured in the Chief Curator – Rebecca Wilson’s New This Week for October 26.2020! The nature inspired work is a bold work measuring 22×28 inches. Please visit the site to view this work! Sure 2020 has been a […]

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Saatchi Art Sales

I was featured in the New This Week collection on Monday 9.28.2020 and I am quite please to post that I sold 3 works yesterday to 3 different collectors at Saatchi Art! Always exciting to be featured in a collection as it not only represents a level of achievement but the secondary effect is exposure […]

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Saatchi Art’s “New This Week” 09-28-2020

I am thrilled to announce that I have had yet another work included in Chief Curator – Rebecca Wilson’s collection of “New This Week” work for September 28th 2020 but trust me – it never gets old and is always exciting and an honor to be included! As the Chief curator and VP of Saatchi […]

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Recently SOLD Abstracts by Nestor Toro

It’s been awhile since I did a detailed post with ALL of the recently sold work for 2020 so I am making a post highlighting a select few (as there are too many to post them all) and a huge thank you for all the collectors who had purchased my art before and to all […]