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SOLD – “December” by Nestor Toro – Los Angeles

I am known for my bright and bold colors so this work is unusual for me being monochromatic. It is done in my signature style with a palette knife as the main painting tool. So being different I knew that it would take a special buyer – well – that special collector found the work […]

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I am excited and pleased to announce the SALE of my original abstract work entitled “Thousand Points of Light (Reflective infinity)” which was sold via Zatista fine art gallery! Mixed-media painting on Canvas One of a kind artwork Size: 70 x 33 inches Signed certificate of authenticity Iridescent abstract painting with fine mica particle ink green […]

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SOLD Original Abstract – Cracks and Blinding Lights by Nestor Toro

This original abstract acrylic work by Los Angeles painter Nestor Toro has been sold via Saatchi gallery and is now with a new owner in England! The work is 24 x 18 inches and is acrylic on canvas. It was created earlier this year – 2019. Thank you! Nestor Toro – L.A.   As you […]

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SOLD – With Lights On by Nestor Toro in Los Angeles

I am happy to announce that my work “With Lights On” has been Sold via Saatchi art and going across the boarder to my neighbor to the north Canada! This work is acrylic on canvas and measures 58 x 28 inches. Bright, intricate and bold lots of white with fine yellow and orange over blue turquoise […]

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SOLD – Morning Serenade by Nestor Toro in Los Angeles

Always happy when a collector is moved enough by one of my works that they want to own it and that is once again the case with my work “Morning Serenade” which was recently sold via Saatchi art gallery! Thank you for collecting my original abstracts! Nestor Toro – Los Angeles Abstract acrylic painting on Canvas […]

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SOLD – Twelve Hours Ahead by Nestor Toro

I am happy to report that a collector has purchased my work – Twelve Hours Ahead. This work was sold via Saatchi art gallery. The work was shown last year at The Other Art Fair here in Los Angeles which was sponsored by Saatchi Art – how exciting is that! The work was created in […]

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SOLD – Pretty In Pink by Nestor Toro

Please to announce that I have sold another triptych and this one is called “Pretty In Pink” which was sold via a wonderful gallery called Zatista! It is make from 3 individual 20×16 inch canvases. One advantage of an artwork such as this triptych is that you have the option of spacing the canvases as […]

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SOLD Abstract – Green Grass (Red Skies) by Nestor Toro

I am thrilled to announce yet another sale of one of my abstract paintings. This one I call Green Grass (Red Skies) and it was sold at Zatista gallery. The work is a BOLD work for a bold collector so I would like to thank David in Austin Texas for acquiring this work! Thank you […]

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SOLD – Night Contemplation by Nestor Toro

Very pleased to announce that my work Night Contemplation has been sold via Zatista gallery to a collector! One of a kind artwork – Size: 22 x 25 Inches with a signed certificate of authenticity for your protection of your investment in my art! This work is an energy packed painting with drips of many […]

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SOLD – On The Sunny Side by Nestor Toro

Another sale and this time from Zatista gallery of a work titled On The Sunny Side. This work is a 20×16 inch canvas. The work was acquired by Jeanine in Cleveland OH. Bold work with a lot of energy! A very contemplative color palette with contrasting shades of orange, red and vibrant yellow, colors that make […]

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SOLD – A Little Hiding Place 3 by Nestor Toro

I am happy to announce that a collector in Durham, North Carolina has acquired my work from a series called “A little Hiding Place” and this is the 3rd in the series! The work was sold via Saatchi Art Gallery. Mixed-media painting on Canvas Board One of a kind artwork Size: 12 x 16 inches […]

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SOLD – Enchanted Greenery (Verdor Encantado) by Nestor Toro

I am happy to announce that a collector from Denver has acquired Enchanted Greenery (Verdor encantado) via ArtFinder gallery. This work is nature inspired and done in a gestural fashion using only a large palette knife. It is 48×36 inches and acrylic on canvas. This is quite the bold yet tranquil statement work especially in […]