It is always rewarding to have your work acknowledged so having my painting – A Color Equation 3 included in the Saatchi Art gallery’s weekly collection of New Work by Rebecca Wilson – Chief Curator and Director at Saatchi Art is especially thrilling for me!

Here is the featured work – A Color Equation 3 – part of a new series!


Check out past blog posts for all of the other times I have had work included in the Saatchi Art’s “New This Week” collections.


It’s already June the 6th month and the 15th of June so we are EXACTLY HALF WAY THROUGH THE YEAR! The time either seems to drag or fly by. It is clear that we do not have a full understanding of just what triggers contribute to our perception of how quickly or slowly time seems to pass in our minds yet.

I do know that our surroundings – which include the visual information we take in consciously or unconsciously,  can improve your fame of mind or mood. This is also done with art that we find visually interesting or intellectually challenging – or – which even speaks to you on am emotional level (again consciously or unconsciously) and you simply like looking at it.

You are reading this because you are interested in art and I invite you to view the works I have currently available and see if any of them speak to you.


The lock-down has not been easy on anyone. I am fortunate to live in Los Angeles and to have the opportunity to attend this exhibit as the first art exhibition I was able to attend since the pandemic started – what an amazing showing it was! Gerhard Richter: Cage Paintings / Dec 2020 / Gagosian Gallery – Beverly Hills

It was amazing to be alone with these massive work paintings from the master Gerhard Richter! The gallery staggered visitors so that it was possible to experience the exhibition with minimal disturbance. My partner and I had the exhibit to ourselves for 15 minutes to enjoy an immersive experience with no distractions.

It was amazing to have this as the first exhibit during the pandemic – really quite surreal! Enjoy the photos!


I am starting a NEW Series of blog posts that I am calling “Tales From The Studio”. In it I want to share with you some of the interesting things and/or experiences that I have encountered or dealt with as a working artist!

This the first post from the series! I hope you enjoy this small glimpse into my life as an artist…

Here is a photograph of what appears to be a painting taken in the studio here in West Hollywood. This vibrant “painting” uses a multitude of colors as you can see below.

So What Do YOU Think Of This “Masterpiece”?

Tiny section of the wall in Nestor Toro's West Hollywood studio

Nestor Toro’s West Hollywood studio

Sorry but you can’t buy this painting because the truth is that this is just a tiny section of the wall in my studio!

The “painting” is actually the remnants of 100’s of paintings I have made with the canvas on that wall using my action splatter technique. While it might appear huge in reality the image measures just 8 x 4 inches and remember that is just a tiny section of the wall! 100s of individual lines – each representing a swing of my arm throwing a line of paint! If you want to see the proof just check out the abstract paintings already sold this year – 2021!

I just thought it was cool to see and really shows off the range of colors that I use. Note that my colors are usually hand-mixed and are unique to each one of a kind painting that I create! So we made it through 2020 and this is a New Year so why not treat yourself to some New Art!


Now that we have come to the close of 2020 I would like to share a few of observations for you from an artist’s point of view during this most unusual year.

In times of stress we turn to art for relaxation and positive motivation. Surrounding yourself with artwork that genuinely moves you can pull you through these tough times. Our dominate sense is sight so creating an environment that is visually engaging is really quite important – not only for the simple pleasure and enjoyment it provides but actually could have an impact on your mood. There is a reason they say you “see red” when you become angry. Colors and patterns can trigger emotions even if only on a subconscious level. Think about a work that moved you while you were looking at it. You can be assured that the color palette had a hand in that.

I am fortunate that my studio is in my home and I could continue working throughout the year. The front-line workers have been amazing and kept things moving which I am grateful for! I already knew the UPS and Fed/Ex drivers as I see them pretty much everyday. While so many were locked down and unable to leave their homes it was an opportunity to reflect on their surroundings. Many were motivated to change their surroundings and I am honored that so many were motivated enough by my paintings that they wanted to own one for their homes! I even did a couple of commissions.

The number of works sold has increased each year since I started offering them for sale in 2013 and I am happy to say that 2020 was no exception!


WOW – I want to thank all the new collector’s who added me to their collections. I would also like to thank the many repeat customers that have had return for a new work or 2 this year!

Artist Nestor Toro shipping sold artwork in Los Angeles April 2020

Artist Nestor Toro shipping sold artwork in Los Angeles April 2020

I am certain that we will make it though this and art is one of the things that can help so I like to think that in my own way I am making a contribution and in fact, I have been told as much in the past few months by several of my clients! / Nestor Toro January 1, 2021

Read the latest interview in SHOUTLUT LA - Published December 21 2020

SHOUTOUT LA is an amazing online publication which gives you a fascinating peek (if you will) into the worlds of independent artist’s, small business owners, and creatives from a vast field that we have in Los Angeles! They are an part of Voyage LA who did an interview with me in April 2018 so I was quite excited and humbled to be interviewed for SHOUTOUT LA! If you would like to know more about my check out this new interview published December 21, 2020

Read the latest interview in SHOUTLUT LA - Published December 21 2020

Read Nestor Toro’s latest artist interview in SHOUTOUT LA – Published December 21 2020

It’s rewarding to be included with so many amazing creative entrepreneurs who are making it.

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to everyone! 2020 has been a challenging year but when you think about it ALL years are challenging and while some might seem to be overwhelming we have always carried on and we will continue to do so! The finer things in life such as original art are what inspire and motivate us to continue moving forward and creating my own style of abstract expressionism is what I aspire to achieve. It seems that I am in some small way accomplishing this and the proof is having work featured in the holiday catalog as well as the hundreds of sold original painting that are currently hanging in homes and private collections around the world!

The highest honor has been bestowed on me once again this year by Saatchi Art!
I have a work featured in the exclusive yearly print edition of the Saatchi Art 2020 Holiday Catalog!


Saatchi Art Holiday 2020 Print Catalog with my work included in this special print edition!

Saatchi Art Holiday 2020 Print Catalog with my work included in this special print edition!

The featured work is called Modern Spectra and Lights (2020) by Nestor Toro. Measuring 18 W x 24 H x 1.5 D inches. It is stretched and ready to hang.

This work was previously featured in a Saatchi Art collection called “New This Week” by Chief Curator Rebecca Wilson.


Modern Spectra and Lights by Nestor Toro / Los Angeles (2020)

Modern Spectra and Lights by Nestor Toro / Los Angeles (2020)



Happy Holidays
Nestor Toro / Los Angeles