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“One of the most enjoyable things about being an independent artist is meeting people and working directly with collectors!” 

I have a broad range of styles and yet all my work makes a bold statement and my collectors are just as diverse as my styles. They do however, tend to have one thing in common – They think for themselves and are trailblazers not afraid to make their own decisions! I pride myself in being unique. I don’t believe in following trends or trying to fit in. Artists who do that rarely create anything amazing or memorable and are soon forgotten. Why would you want to have something like that hanging on your walls?

  • Art is to be enjoyed in the here and now…buy what you like and NOT what some gallery is promoting as “hot” at the moment or an artist someone claims will be the next “big thing” because you will quickly become bored with it. No, buy what speaks to you. Something that you will enjoy each day and will enhance your room. Having said that, my artwork is increasing in value so I offer you the best of both – Enjoyment and a solid investment!
  • Once you decide on a painting tell me where it will be going as shipping rate varies to each destination. With that artwork and shipping information I will give you a great price on your new artwork! Once you decide to purchase the work I simply send you an invoice using PayPal and you can pay using any credit or debit card. You will get the same Certificate of Authenticity (signed) and my thanks for your direct support!

I look forward to hearing from you for a personal consultation!

Nestor Toro 

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ALL of my paintings are delivered to you with an official Certificate of Authenticity which is signed by me and shows the artwork with the year of creation, size, mediums used, and will assure that your artwork is genuine and should you ever want to have it appraised or sell the work there is no doubt who the artist is and protects your investment in my artwork. Nestor Toro

Certificates of Authenticity for paintings by artist Nestor Toro

Thank you for your interest in my original abstract art painting!

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