Commission – Example 2

Commission Based On An Existing Work

There are times when I collector sees one of my works and they really like it but it is sold. Perhaps the existing work is too large or too small for the space the collector needs. In this instance the work was not quite the right size for the space but they really loved the existing work and commissioned one in the dimensions they needed and wanted it to resemble this existing work called “Rising Fantasy” as seen here.

You can see that the painting is a large work which was done with a lot of spontaneous gestural movements done over and over to create this very layered painting. In addition many of the colors were created by Nestor by mixing mediums to make them exactly like he envisioned them…but also making the work even more complicated to reproduce.

Keep in mind that it is impossible to copy an abstract work such as this one (even for the artist who created it) but Nestor is a master of his medium as you will see in the sequence below.

The first step was to gather the needed materials: canvas, gesso, and the acrylic paint used for this palette. The first order of business was to hand apply the gesso to the canvas. This process was done 3 times allowing the gesso to dry each time resulting in a triple layered canvas.

The next step is to apply the background. There is a very distinct shading and very subtle blending of the blue and green…it is essential to get the background accurate since that is the foundation the rest of the work is based on.

The “spatter” effect is then started after the background is perfect and allowed to dry. This is the most crucial part of this style of painting since it is done with deliberate motions to achieve the desired effect. Nestor has mastered the technique as you can see here…

The actual painting of the work while appearing effortless and random is actually quite time consuming as layers must be allowed to dry before others can be added. If this was not done correctly the effect will not resemble the original work.

Once all of the “spatter” work is done the edges are done in the bright bold blue which is oversized to allow to stretching of the canvas for framing to achieve the look of the original. The work is then signed and a layer of uv protectant medium is added which will not only protect the work but will give it a glossy finish like the original work.

As you can see the process takes time planning but most of all talent. The original work is called Rising Fantasy so it is only fitting that the commissioned work is called Rising Fantasy 2! Here is the actual commission in the collector’s home after they received it and had it framed. It looks amazing in their home and they now have an original work to enjoy for the rest of their lives!

So that give you an idea of the process to create a commission based on an existing work. I do not copy my work, but use it as inspiration for the commission so that it is similar and yet still totally unique. So if you see something you like but it has already been purchased please do not hesitate to contact me for details! 

Thank you – Nestor Toro / Los Angeles