Commission Update

Nestor has taken into consideration the direction of more purple. I think that purple is now the predominate color of the work and beautiful shades of purple he created. Most of the work is many many shades of purple and blue ink. I would say that if you have ever seen an amethyst geode that this would remind you of it. The deep dark purples fading to a lighter shade. As they are liquid they run and mix with each other making very subtle shading changes. I have tried to capture this in some detailed closeup shots that you can view full screen. (I recommend that you view these images on a desktop computer or iPad to see the accurate colors and intricate details). There is also additional metallic particles which are made with mica.

I must confess that this work was a challenge to photograph – there is so much subtle detail and shading that it is difficult to capture. So I tried but to really see the complexity of the work it needs to be seen in person! These are close-up details which allow you to see detail that you can not see on the screen when viewing the full painting! Now you can see the various mediums and how they blend together to form the complex patterns.

Nestor Toro and work

Full Canvas

This is an approximate view of the work stretched.

Full Canvas Cropped

Room Views

These are computer generated examples of what the work would look like in various room settings.