Commissions – Example 1

As Unique As You Can Get – The Process Is Equally Unique!

Here is the entire process for the creation of a commissioned work. Sometime you find a work that you love but it simply is the wrong size for the space. In this case a collector needed a large work for a 2 story space in their new home. The work is approx 8′ by 6′ feet in size, so larger than most requests but Nestor being the creative genius he is determined what the client wanted and with their needs in mind began the process – Enjoy watching the work develop…perhaps you will want him to create something unique for your home!

Los Angeles - Painter Nestor

The first thing Nestor needed to do was to have the canvas custom made to order. Once it was constructed and delivered to the studio he started out by adding a substance called “gesso” to the surface of the canvas. White the canvas already had a layer when it arrived, Nestor likes to hand apply his own additional layers. Not only does it provide him a much better surface to apply the paint but it also allows him to “get to know” the canvas because he covers every square inch of it by hand!

Nestor Toro with custom made canvas

You can see from the progressive series that his application of the paint is quite precise. He paints at all hours and he frequently was working at 4 in the morning. Nestor really works when he is moved to do so (one of the greatest benefits of having the working and living space integrated) and I think it really shows in his overall work and quite clear in this commissioned work!