Every painting sold comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity to assure your investment in the art of Nestor Toro is genuineNestor Toro

Recently SOLD Abstracts by Nestor Toro

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It's been awhile since I did a detailed post with ALL of the recently sold work for 2020 so I am making a post highlighting a select few (as there are too many to post them all) and a huge thank you for all the collectors who had purchased my…
Recently completed commission by Nestor Toro

Finished Commission!!

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Having collectors enjoy my work so much that they buy it for their homes is rewarding. Having collectors commission works is equally as rewarding if not more so...why...because the collector trusts in my talent, ability and creativity to create…
Commissioned work by Nestor Toro

SOLD – Make Believe (with Pink Glasses)

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I want to share this painting as it is part of a large commission for a collector in India that I am currently working on...a massive project of 13 works! This is a challenge and will take a lot of mental energy but being a seasoned professional…
Abstract painter Nestor Toro in India Working with A Collector in Lucknow India for a number of commissions for the collector's home


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It's November 10, 2017 and I am currently in India. Yes, I said India! The wonderful collector in India has brought me to his country to conceptualize a number of paintings for his home in Lucknow for commissioned works. Those who follow my…
Los Angeles abstract artist Nestor Toro working on a large commission in Hollywood

Working on a big commission

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I do a lot of commission works and for very good reasons. When you get a commission you are having me create a work of art that is specifically made for you. You need a special size? I can do it. Have you found one of my works you just love…
Los Angeles abstract artist - Painter Nestor Toro

Commission Based On Existing Work

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I have put together a post about a recent commission I did based on an existing work. Sometimes a collector will see a work that they really really like...just one problem...it's either sold or the wrong size. What to do? They commission me…