Nestor is most at home in his studio where he is free to explore his ideas. His studio area is integrated into his apartment making it easy to work when the inspiration strikes. While other “artists” might work in a more “traditional” set hour per day, Nestor feels that true creativity is a way of life and not a “job” that one simply puts in the hours doing…no, he might work a painting for weeks or months…setting it aside to face the wall while he works on other pieces, then almost without conscious thought (and most certainly without any planning), he will return to the other work (or usually multiple works going on at the same time) and add another element which might not yet complete the work or it might be the right finishing touch to declare the work finished.

This sort of working can only be done with access to the studio 24/7 and you would be quite surprised how often you can find Nestor working on multiple works at 4 AM. Of course, some works are completed in a spontaneous session which is why Nestor has such an amazingly broad range of styles which all share the unique color combinations, movements, signature look, feel, and “vibe” of a painting that can only be an original Nestor Toro!