Commission Based On Existing Work

To start with Nestor hand cut the canvas. He left 2 inches around to allow for stretching and framing (if you decide to do that as I mentioned and he agreed that a floating frame would work wonderfully visually). Next he applies the gesso which will be the base for the paint. This is again applied by hand 3 times and allowed to dry between each application.

The background is allowed to dry and more layers are blended together using a large palette knife.

More layers will be applied after the initial ones are dry to achieve the effect Nestor envisions for your commission.

Almost Done!

Many layers have been added…allowed to dry…more added…dry, until the effect is nearly complete. You can see the work with the original hanging in the back. At this stage if you are happy with the results then Nestor will finish the edges. If you decide to just get it put on stretcher bars are hang it they will be finished should you decide not get have it framed. He left a 2″ extra border to allow for the stretching and/or framing for the exact dimensions of 40″ x 50″.

He will then sign it with his trademark signature in the lower right corner in a nice bold signature. It will then be sealed with a medium that will give it a glossy finish which will not only protect it from UV fading but will also enrich and brighten the colors but also give it a “3D” effect and a feeling of depth. Once that is dry it will be ready to send to you!