Simple – you should buy my work because it resonates with you!

Art is to be enjoyed so buy what you enjoy, what will inspire you, and what “speaks” to you! Don’t simply rely on a curator or interior designer to tell you what to buy – You know what you like! I have nothing against using a professional and I work with both all of the time.

You are probably here on my site because you saw my artwork on-line or someone shared it via social media and you want to see more. That is what my website is all about – Sharing my artwork and giving collectors from all over the world the opportunity to own it. This is something that a brick and mortar gallery can not do.

Another consideration to buy my artwork is that it is increasing in value with each passing year as more collectors buy my work.

So let me ask you – Why would you want bland, boring, uninspired “wall decor” just to cover some wall space when you can have original fine abstract artworks to enjoy and motivate you each day?

Yes, I only sell my original one of a kind works! Go directly to the shop.

There is something special about owing original artwork that you make a connection with. It is alive with the creative energy that the artist (in this case me) put into creating it. This is especially true with abstract art! You hang it on your wall and it inspires you! Prints are copies and while they might look like the original they lack this energy…Trust Me – You WANT to own the original!

YES – I am an independent artist. This means that while I do sell my own work directly (as you know since you have probably already been in my shop).

I also sell my work on several fine art gallery sites so that I can expose my art to as many collectors as possible which the internet gives me the flexibility to do!

Buying from me directly you get the exact same paintings they offer. You also get the same signed Certificate of Authenticity to protect your investment, and perhaps most important of all – you get the positive karma of working directly with the artist!

Galleries are great and I am lucky to work with some of the best. Many collectors do not know however, that they all charge a commission for this service which can be as much as 50% of the price of the work. Purchasing directly from the artist is therefore a wonderful way not only to work with the artist but to support them as well!

You can easily purchase my work directly on my site in the SHOP.

I recommend that you navigate the shop using the size menu if you have a specific size in mind. I have works in all sizes from 16 x 20 inches (they really give life to a dull wall and brighten up any room instantly) to huge works. I can also make commissions to your exact specifications.

I also recommend using the Wish List as you explore the shop.
You can easily come back to the site and go directly to your wish list the next time – all of your favorites will be listed!

You can easily and securely check out after adding an artwork to the cart. All major credit and debit cards are accepted and your order is placed instantly. I get an email and I ship your artwork directly to you! You will be contacted with tracking information.

I will be with you all the way from the moment you purchase a painting and I monitor the travel of the work along its journey from the studio to your doorstep!

Yes, of course, I want you to me totally happy with my artwork! I will exchange it or offer a full refund if you are not satisfied within 7 days of receiving your artwork.

Please contact me with questions prior to returning artwork as I am usually able to address and resolve the issue. Should a return be needed the shipping is paid for by the collector.

If the work is un-stretched or on loose canvas  it refers to a painting that is not mounted on “stretcher bars” – the wooden framework the canvas is on – not a frame – which is on the outside of the painting already stretched. (Some are and it is stated in the artwork description). This is a canvas that is hand cut from a large roll of canvas which allows the artist to cut the exact size he wishes to work with for that painting.

These works are created on a high quality loose canvas that is hand cut by the artist himself and shipped rolled in a tube. What you do after you receive the work is to simply take it to your local framer to have it mounted. Since it is loose canvas there are an infinite variety of framing methods. Simply pick the one that is best suited from the intended installation area. Once you receive the canvas you simply take it to be stretched or mounted on stretcher bars. It is then ready to hang or you might want to have it framed at the same time.

There are several advantages to unstretched canvas. For one it is easier to ship with less chance of damage as it is shipped rolled in a heavy duty tube. This makes the cost a fraction of the stretched canvas…this is especially true when shipping internationally as many of Nestor’s works are quite large and not practical to send stretched.

If you would prefer to have your artwork arrive stretched and “Ready to Hang” please contact me. I can have it done for you.

Contact for options and pricing as these vary by size and delivery destination. Lee

YES – I use Paypal for payment in my shop. They accept all credit and debit cards for payment securely so you can buy with full confidence. They are the industry standard in e-commerce and totally secure. You only enter payment info once you checkout and are taken to their secure site for immediate payment. Never had a problem from buyers all over the world.

I also accept bank wire transfers.

Your privacy is assured. I never share your information so it is 100% safe and secure. I never give out/sale information to a 3rd party so you have nothing to fear!

Paypal (which is use for purchases in my store) is the industry standard and as such is totally secure and used world wide millions of times a day for purchases. So yes, your information is safe, secure, and always totally private. View the site privacy policy.

Yes! I want you to be excited and totally happy with the art you purchase from me!

I offer a 7 day return policy. Returns are rare as I strive to accurately represent my artwork as they appear in person, since it is impossible to know for certain what any painting will look like in your particular setting until you have it in your possession. This is just part of buying art (or anything really) online.

I do kindly request that you contact me prior to shipping the artwork so that I can assure that there is not an alternative solution (such as a different work) that might fit your needs better. The bottom line is that I want you to be thrilled with my artwork and enjoy it for a lifetime! (Please note that the collector is responsible for the cost of return postage and insurance).

UPDATE: Due to the COVID19 I am unfortunately unable to have in person gallery visits at this time.

YES – I love to have collector’s view my artwork in person! You are very welcome to stop by and view my artwork in person which is really the ideal way to fully appreciate and experience the detail of the work. If you live in the L.A. area OR are planning a trip to L.A. be sure to contact me so that I can plan a day and time to show you some amazing art.

Please use the contact form to set an appointment for your visit. Thank you

If you would like to see a work prior to purchasing it I can arrange a mutually agreeable time for a FaceTime viewing of those works!

If you are out of the country or simply not in Los Angeles you can see works that you are interested in. Simply contact via email or the contact form of the site that you are interested and which works you would like to view.

I will see that the artwork is pulled from storage and available for viewing. We have daylight balanced studio lighting so you will see the absolute accurate true color of the work. It is also possible to show you details of the work.

Hope to hear from you soon!


I sell to collector’s out of the USA every week. I use DHL, Fed-Ex, and USPS to ship your artwork right to your door anywhere in the world! I have sold work on 5 continents to collectors in dozens of countries. Please contact me directly for info specific to your area as shipping fees naturally vary.

Commissions are done when you need a special work made specifically for you. Whether it is that you have a specific place and you want a piece that fits just right. Perhaps you saw one of my works that you love but it’s not the right size for your space. You might even see a work that is sold and you want something similar just for you. All of those are reasons for a commissioned piece.

My favorite and most often done commission is for someone who loves my overall body of work and wants me to create a work for them. Usually I am given a general idea of which of my styles they enjoy and a color palette to work with and let me have at it! As you can see all of my works are unique and there are never two that are identical – that’s not my style.

How it works: You contact me and tell me what you need. I will reply back to you and find out exact information such as the measurements and once I know that I will tell you how much it would cost to create.

I do provide a contract with specifics (ask for a copy) what covers all the specifics. I also ask for a payment of 25% of the commission (non-refundable) with the balance due once competed. It will then be shipped to you rolled.

Use the contact form at the bottom of the page which sends me an email immediately!

EASY – just click on the Contact link at the top right of screen or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. I will get back to you within 24 or less!

You can also email – contact@nestortoro.com

Phone/text: 213.718.4011

Lee is my partner of 23 years, business manager and my biggest “fan”. You will most likely communicate with him about the business aspects of my artwork as he deals with the financial details such as negotiating international transactions, press and media requests, and most direct gallery correspondence.

He assists in the studio and also coordinates the logistics of shipping the hundreds of my sold artwork around the world. As photographer and web designer he created and maintains the site you are on right now (my personal site) along with several others. Being an admitted “computer nerd” he also keeps our network and computers up and running, deals with any “emergencies” (coffee and Mac Books do not mix well) and other technical issues that seem to happen daily. Together we make a great team!

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