Why should I buy your art?

Simple – you should buy it because it moves you! Art is to be enjoyed so buy what you enjoy, what will inspire you, what “speaks” to you! Don’t simply rely on a curator or interior designer to tell you what to buy – You know what you like! In fact, you are probably here on my site because you saw my artwork on-line or someone shared it via social media and you were intrigued by what you saw and want to see more. That is what my website is all about – Sharing my artwork and giving collectors from all over the world the opportunity to own it.

Another consideration to buy my artwork is that it is increasing in value with each passing year as more collectors buy my work.

Why would you want bland, boring, uninspired “wall decor” just to cover some wall space when you can have Original Fine Abstract Art to enjoy and motivate you each day?

Are all your works original works?

Yes, I only sell original works on my website at this time. Prints are available for some of my sold work. Inquire for more info. However, I recommend collecting originals, prints might save a little bit of money but you are getting a print and someone else has the original! Go directly to the shop.

There is something special about owing original artwork. It is alive with the creative energy that the artist (in this case me) put into creating it. I think this is especially true with abstract art! You hang it on your wall and it inspires you! Prints are copies and while they might look like the original they lack this energy…Trust Me – You WANT to own the original!

I saw your work offered on another site - Are the same paintings listed here?

YES – I sell my work on other sites (such as Amazon) so that I can expose my art to as many collectors as possible. I do encourage you to purchase through the gallery – However, buying from me directly you get the exact SAME one of a kind artwork, you get the SAME signed Certificate of Authenticity, the SAME secure purchasing, and the experience of working directly with me!

I support the galleries who represent me and as such I encourage you to buy through them however it is your choice.

I like a work and want to buy it - Can I return it if I don’t like it?

Yes, of course, I want you to me totally happy with my artwork! I will exchange it or offer a full refund if you are not satisfied within 7 days of receiving your artwork.

Please contact me with questions prior to returning artwork as I am usually able to address and resolve the issue. Should a return be needed the shipping is paid for by the collector.

Do you accept credit cards?

YES – I use Paypal for payment in my shop. They accept all credit and debit cards for payment securely so you can buy with full confidence. They are the industry standard in e-commerce and totally secure. You only enter payment info once you checkout and are taken to their secure site for immediate payment. Never a problem.

I also accept bank wire transfers.

Privacy - Is my information safe?

YES – my personal policy and my website’s policy is never ever to share your information so it is 100% safe and secure. I never give out information to a 3rd party (not even your email) so you have nothing to fear! Paypal, which is use for purchases in my store is totally secure and used world wide millions of times a day for purchases. As they handle your financial info so I do not even had access to it. So yes, all your information is safe, secure, and always totally private.

I am going to be in Los Angeles - Can I visit your studio?

YES – I love to have collector’s view my artwork in person! You are very welcome to stop by and view my artwork in person which is really the ideal way to fully appreciate and experience the detail of the work.

If you are planning a trip to L.A. be sure to contact me so that I can plan a day and time to show you some amazing art. Warning: Most collectors who stop by end up leaving with a painting or two! 🙂

I don’t live in the USA - Can I still buy your artwork?

YES – I sell to collector’s out of the USA every week. I use DHL, Fed-Ex, and USPS to ship your artwork right to your door anywhere in the world!

I have sold work on 5 continents to collectors in dozens of countries. Please contact me directly for info specific to your area as shipping fees naturally vary.

How can I contact you?

EASY – just click on the Contact link at the top right of screen or fill out the form at the bottom of this page. I will get back to you within 24 or less!

You can also email – contact@nestortoro.com

Phone/text: 213.718.4011

Just who is this character Lee?

Lee is my partner of 20 years and business manager. You will most likely get an email or communicate with him if it is a business matter. He also assists in the studio and coordinates the shipping of sold work. He designed and maintains this and other websites. We make a great team and I don’t know what I would do without him!

FAQ didn’t answer your question?

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Nestor Toro - Los Angeles Abstract Artist with one of his abstract works - now sold

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