Gerhard Richter: Cage Paintings

Gagosian Gallery – Beverly Hills

Artist Nestor Toro attending the Gerhard Richter: Cage Paintings Exhibition / Gagosian Gallery - Beverly Hills Dec 2020

The lock-down has not been easy on anyone. I was fortunate enough to have this exhibit as the first art exhibition I was able to attend since the pandemic started…and what an amazing showing it was!

Gerhard Richter: Cage Paintings / Dec 2020 / Gagosian Gallery – Beverly Hills

It was amazing to be alone with these massive work paintings from the master Gerhard Richter! The gallery staggered visitors so that it was possible to experience the exhibition with minimal disturbance. My partner and I had the exhibit to ourselves for 15 minutes to enjoy an immersive experience with no distractions.

It was amazing to have this as the first exhibit during the pandemic – really quite surreal! Enjoy the photos!