Happy Collector

This work was sold a few weeks ago and the collector sent this photo of what it looks like installed in his home.

Iridescent blue tangle abstract painting sold sold by Nestor Toro

The work is entitled “Iridescent Blue Tangle” and perspective you can see that it is 36″ x 48″ in dimension. A lot of people think that this is too large for their home and opt for a number of smaller works but you can see here what a bold statement a work of this size makes in a room.

 Iridescent blue tangle - sold artwork by abstract artist Nestor Toro

It looks fantastic in this setting and the brown earth tones combined with the warm lighting really tie everything together with the natural wood elements of this room! Don’t be shy about buy a large work because as you can see a single work really stands out and enhances the entire room!

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