Entire Home Art Commission

Imagine the excitement when I had a collector from India who had purchased a couple of paintings in the past contacted me about doing commissions. He was building a new home and wanted me to do all the artwork for it!

I was thrilled because this was my first collector in India. I was contacted with a request to do some commissioned work for a brand new home he was building there. I was very excited about the potential to do more. I was then told that he wanted me to do ALL of the artwork for the entire home which was under construction. It would be 15 paintings – quite the project and yet, with the amazing surroundings – the sights and sounds and the excellent accommodations and VIP treatment that I received from Mr. Jindal was the biggest motivator of them all!

After exchanging many many emails we decided that the only way to really do this massive project was to see it in person – so he bought me a ticket to India and off I want! This was a major project and I was thrilled to be chosen as the only artist for the entire 3 story home. Thank you so much! – Nestor Toro

As you can see it was quite the project and what a challenge I had but I love to create. If you are thinking of a work made just for you and your unique needs I would be happy to discuss what I can do for you.