What is it about Art – Why Is Art Valued?

Art is a magical thing in human terms. The first artistic human creations were cave paintings around 40,0000 years ago. Art is one of the most important human creations because it is not necessary for survival. Unlike food, shelter, and the basics needed for survival, art is created simply to express. This is important because it shows us that the need for expression has been around a long time and has evolved along with human culture. Basic shelter was adorned with carving and later pigments for color. These works were done not out of necessity but rather out of the sheer mental stimulation that these visual additions gave. What do you think inspired these early artists? A need to leave their mark perhaps…the amazement they felt being alive and aware of their lives.

As human culture evolved and grew more complex art was used by those with the means to further enhance there surroundings. Artists were hired to create celebrate murals often with a religious theme. These works were used not only to provide visual pleasure but also to communicate stories or events considered important – thus they were beautiful and also served a practical purpose.

Because art is not necessary for the basic survival (although today we can argue that statement) it is held in high regard as a uniquely human accomplishment. Art separates us from other animals in that it is done for pleasure and is created from the mind. Art can be seen as the ultimate in human accomplishments as it has evolved from being a literal visual representation of something such as a portrait of a person who lived long ago to something that is purely enjoyable from a mental aspect such as abstract art. Abstract art is where it gets really interesting…

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You might just find something that resonates with you and inspires and motivates you. Nestor Toro – Los Angeles

Collector Studio Visit – Los Angeles

I am used to selling art all over the world thanks to the internet allowing me to be exposed to a larger number of people than I could ever be seen by in a physical gallery so it’s always great to meet people in “real life”! I was contacted by a collector visiting Los Angeles on business and had seen my work online. This was an opportunity to view the artwork in person and ask questions. Lee and I showed him a ton of work – another perk of visiting – and he ended up buying 6 painting. I have “warned” you guys before that studio visits usually end up with you buying even more than you intended because my work really needs to be seen in person to be fully appreciated.

Collector visiting my studio in Los Angeles April 2018

Collector visiting my studio in Los Angeles April 2018

Thank you for taking the time out of your trip to spend a couple of hours viewing my artwork! Nestor Toro


Did You Know – “Pure Abstractions”

I am a painter and my work is pure abstraction. Some might think they are easy to do and that anyone could do them. These people are of course wrong!

Wassily Kandinsky said, “Of all the arts, abstract painting is the most difficult. It demands that you know how to draw, have a heightened sensitivity for composition and for colors and that you are a true poet. This last is essential.

Artist Nestor Toro in his West Hollywood studio space

Artist Nestor Toro in his West Hollywood studio space

Artist Nestor Toro in his West Hollywood studio space

Artist Nestor Toro in his West Hollywood studio space

As you can see the ability to start with a blank canvas and apply color in a harmonious and visually balanced is necessary. Abstract painting is much more than simply throwing or appling random colors in a random manner. Nestor Toro – Painter

Artist Nestor Toro and his work

When you buy a work of art do you know who painted it? Sure…you might know the artist’s name but do you know what they look like or anything about them? Well, you should…the creator of the work you are going to have in your home or office and look at everyday…it should be of interest to you!

Here is Nestor with one of his works called Perhaps A Sunset (currently for sale as of this blog post – but for how long) and as you can see it is a beautiful painting! Here you see Los Angeles abstract artist painter Nestor Toro with the work…


Los Angeles abstract painter Nestor Toro with his work "Perhaps a Sunset"

Los Angeles abstract painter Nestor Toro with his work “Perhaps a Sunset”

Commission Based On Existing Work

I have put together a post about a recent commission I did based on an existing work. Sometimes a collector will see a work that they really really like…just one problem…it’s either sold or the wrong size. What to do? They commission me to do a similar work based on that work! While each of my works is an original fine art abstract and one of a kind, I can create a commissioned work based on my own past work specifically made to the collector’s needs.

Los Angeles abstract artist - Painter Nestor Toro

You can see the similarity of the original (on wall) and the commission in progress below

Check out the entire process about how a commission based on one of my existing works is done here!

Sending Out A Large Work

Many are not familiar with the shipping of art but can imagine that it is probably quite complicated to ship such delicate items. Being a professional artist I do what I do best which is make the art, so when a collector buys it I leave that to professionals as well. I work with a shipper with years of experience and who also ships for many of the artists and galleries in the West Hollywood and Beverly Hills areas.

Each painting is packed in its own custom made cardboard crate which is constructed by hand for a perfect fit. The material is industrial strength compressed cardboard on the outside. Inside the painting has been carefully wrapped in layers of bubblewrap and protective styrofoam sheets. I have never had a problem with damage but I very often get compliments about the quality of the packing so I can tell you that it is well worth the added cost. Most artists pack their own works and not all of them are skilled remember what I said earlier about doing what you do best and letting someone else take care of the packing.

Large custom made crate shipping a painting by abstract painter Nestor Toro

Large custom made crate shipping a painting by abstract painter Nestor Toro

As you can see packing a large artwork is a work of art in and of itself! You can rest assured that any artwork you by from me personally will arrive packed at the same shipper I have used for years and you will happy with the professional touches done to assure that your new valuable artwork arrives in perfect condition! Thank you – Nestor Toro

Working In The Studio

Artist Nestor Toro working in his studio in West Hollywood

Artist Nestor Toro working in his studio in West Hollywood California

Artist Nestor Toro working in his studio in West Hollywood California

Using a large palette knife to create an new painting


New Year – New Mediums!

I like to experiment and push the limits…it’s really the ONLY way to make new discoveries! If you have never failed at something you have never tried something new…it just goes hand in hand BUT it also leads to amazing new places and discoveries!

So I saw some color new things online that I decided to try. One is a new type of acrylic paint imported from Japan. They are very vivid colors and called Holbein Artist’s Polymer Emulsion Opaque Colors – Acryla Gouache.

New Year and New Mediums go hand in hand!

New Year and New Mediums go hand in hand!

Next I ordered some interesting Oil Pastels sticks. I have used similar ones in the past on a few works for details and was pleased with the results so why not keep going! It’s a new year and I am always wanting to grow so I try new things all the time. As I said, the results are not always predictable but it’s the only way to get something special. I refuse to be an artist that perfects something and then spends the rest of his or her life doing over…and over…and over again!

I feel that the only way to really be a TRUE ARTIST is to always be pushing forward and never content to simply stay in the same place. As an artist I am oddly motivated to create and that is a living passionate force and not simply a stagnant frozen force. Passion burns because it is alive! You only live once so fell and live with passion.