We wanted to give you a huge update on your commission and what better way than with multi-media!

Nestor started out by adding a substance called “gesso” to the surface of the canvas. White the canvas already had a layer when it arrived, Nestor likes to hand apply his own additional layers. Not only does it provide him a much better surface to apply the paint but it also allows him to “get to know” the canvas because he covers every square inch of it by hand!

The work was started with thought given to how it would look at the height and angle it was shown as in the designer mockup we were first given, so Nestor always had that in mind for the final result that would be seen when viewed from that vantage point. You can see from the progressive series that his application of the paint is quite precise. He paints at all hours and he frequently was working at 4 in the morning. Nestor really works when he is moved to do so (one of the greatest benefits of having the working and living space integrated) and I think it really shows in his overall work and quite clear in your commissioned work as well. Obviously photos and even video can not do a massive work like this justice and it takes time to understand how complex this work is even when you see it in person, but I will try to capture the basic elements to give you a taste or “feel” if you will of the work.