SOLD – Canyons by Nestor Toro

SOLD – Perhaps A Sunset by Nestor Toro

This is the second piece that David, the collector from Georgia acquired. The work is called Perhaps a Sunset and measures 20 x 16 inches. Contemplative color field painting with lots of color blending, contrast and fine details. Textured with many layers of plaster to prime the canvas then applied acrylic paint with spatulas and palette knives creating very organic textures and forms. High quality Sennelier and Golden Acrylics and glossy finish. Relief texture truly a statement piece. You can probably tell that I had fun making this work! Thank you David for collecting my work!


Artist Nestor Toro is seen with his recently sold abstract artwork titled -  Perhaps a Sunset

Artist Nestor Toro is seen with his recently sold abstract artwork titled – Perhaps a Sunset

Although the work is one of my “smaller” works measuring 20 x 16 inches you can easily see that it is quite powerful. Many think that only a large statement work can have the energy like this but if you stop and think about it I am sure that you can think of many walls in your home or office that could really benefit with the addition of a work of this size! Brighten up the space…get a work to motivate, inspire, or simply take some time each day to enjoy the color and motion!


SOLD – Infinity Stream by Nestor Toro

I am really pleased to announce that a collector named David from Georgia has purchased 3 of my works! The first is Infinity Stream which as you can see is a bold work with gestural movements coexisting with intricate details creating a rich relationship with each other resulting in a work that is both dynamic and tranquil at the same time! If you are familiar with my artwork (and if not please check out the shop) you know that I paint with no preconceived outcome in mind – I am an artist and I let the image develop as I go. This is not as easy as one would think.


SOLD- Abstract painting Infinity Stream by Nestor Toro

SOLD- Abstract painting Infinity Stream by Nestor Toro

The work measures 38 inches square. This beautiful painting is all about bold details, organic shapes and iridescent effects. layered with warm colors and mediums using palette knives to create rich texture. Completed with many shades of red, orange and Indian yellow. High quality art supplies Sennelier acrylics and UV protected. The work was created in 2016 in Los Angeles California.

SOLD ABSTRACT ARTWORK - Infinity Stream Artist Nestor Toro

SOLD ABSTRACT ARTWORK – Infinity Stream Artist Nestor Toro

SOLD – Emerald Garden by Nestor Toro

I am happy to announce that my work Emerald Garden had been sold and is now being enjoyed by a collector in the United Kingdom named Catherine via ArtFinder Gallery – Thank you!

Vibrant green painting with depth and contemplation filled. Triple primed canvas and layers of paint completed with UV protective gloss enamel. High quality Golden, Sennelier acrylics. Signed. Lots of green! 16 x 20 inches

Sold abstract art Emerald Garden by Nestor Toro

Sold – Emerald Garden 16 x 20 inches by Nestor Toro

Although this is one of my smaller works at 16 x 20 inches it shows how a small work can make a BIG impact on a wall space. Just imagine how this work looks with bright sunlight streaming into the room and illuminating the work! Stunning!

SOLD – Interrupted Panorama 3

This abstract work is the third work purchased by the collector who visited my studio and I always enjoy meeting collectors so they can see the artwork in person! This work is called Interrupted Panorama 3. It is the 3rd in a series I call Interrupted Panorama. Very textured and dynamic with bright blue background and vibrant red, beige, blue and yellow drips contrasting. For this piece I use mainly palette knifes and bold paint drips over and over again. lots of energy in this piece and very contemplative feel. This work is a triptych which is comprised of 3 individual 16″ x 20″ canvases. Thank you! Nestor Toro – Los Angeles

SOLD - Interrupted Panorama 3 (2017) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro

SOLD ABSTRACT ART – Interrupted Panorama 3 (2017) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro

SOLD - Interrupted Panorama 3 (2017) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro

SOLD – Interrupted Panorama 3 (2017) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro

This is a work that you will surely never get tried of looking at and will soon become one of your favorite pieces of abstract art.

What is it about Art – Why Is Art Valued?

Art is a magical thing in human terms. The first artistic human creations were cave paintings around 40,0000 years ago. Art is one of the most important human creations because it is not necessary for survival. Unlike food, shelter, and the basics needed for survival, art is created simply to express. This is important because it shows us that the need for expression has been around a long time and has evolved along with human culture. Basic shelter was adorned with carving and later pigments for color. These works were done not out of necessity but rather out of the sheer mental stimulation that these visual additions gave. What do you think inspired these early artists? A need to leave their mark perhaps…the amazement they felt being alive and aware of their lives.

As human culture evolved and grew more complex art was used by those with the means to further enhance there surroundings. Artists were hired to create celebrate murals often with a religious theme. These works were used not only to provide visual pleasure but also to communicate stories or events considered important – thus they were beautiful and also served a practical purpose.

Because art is not necessary for the basic survival (although today we can argue that statement) it is held in high regard as a uniquely human accomplishment. Art separates us from other animals in that it is done for pleasure and is created from the mind. Art can be seen as the ultimate in human accomplishments as it has evolved from being a literal visual representation of something such as a portrait of a person who lived long ago to something that is purely enjoyable from a mental aspect such as abstract art. Abstract art is where it gets really interesting…

If you share my love of abstract art then check my available abstract artworks in the site shop.

You might just find something that resonates with you and inspires and motivates you. Nestor Toro – Los Angeles

New Interview – VoyageLA Online Magazine – “LA’s Most Inspiring Stories”

I was contacted by Voyage LA which is an amazing “online magazine” for all the best of Los Angeles and they wanted to interview me. It is always rewarding to be interviewed and to share my journey becoming an artist. I really think that reading interviews gives insight into the creative process and that people are interested in knowing these things. Nestor Toro – Los Angeles

Read the interview on Voyage LA

Read my interview on the fantastic online magazine. The interview was published April 30, 2018 - Nestor Toro - Los Angeles

Read my interview on the fantastic online magazine. The interview was published April 30, 2018 – Nestor Toro – Los Angeles

Collector Studio Visit – Los Angeles

I am used to selling art all over the world thanks to the internet allowing me to be exposed to a larger number of people than I could ever be seen by in a physical gallery so it’s always great to meet people in “real life”! I was contacted by a collector visiting Los Angeles on business and had seen my work online. This was an opportunity to view the artwork in person and ask questions. Lee and I showed him a ton of work – another perk of visiting – and he ended up buying 6 painting. I have “warned” you guys before that studio visits usually end up with you buying even more than you intended because my work really needs to be seen in person to be fully appreciated.

Collector visiting my studio in Los Angeles April 2018

Collector visiting my studio in Los Angeles April 2018

Thank you for taking the time out of your trip to spend a couple of hours viewing my artwork! Nestor Toro


SOLD – A Closer Look by Nestor Toro

It is always a happy occasion when I sell one of my works and this is no exception! A collector in Paris has purchased this work and I am excited to have yet another work in a city I have visited in my travels and certainly plan on visiting again! Thank you for acquiring this work – Nestor Toro

SOLD Abstract painting "A Closer Look" by Los Angeles Abstract Artist Nestor Toro

SOLD Abstract painting “A Closer Look” by Los Angeles Abstract Artist Nestor Toro

Over-sized bold and very detailed piece with contrasting color blending, lots of drips and big palette knife strokes. This painting was completed after thousands of paint strokes of many color arrange all in motion and harmony…full of light and fast changes in contrast make every other detail pop. Large work Size: 55 x 40 inches

Triple primed canvas and heavy layered with high quality Golden and Sennelier acrylics, texture mediums and gloss enamel. Contemplative statement piece. I decided to sign it after the original pictures were taken…. Big blue signature!