SOLD / Celeste Terrain (Moon reflections) by Nestor ToroNestor Toro - LOS ANGELES

SOLD / Celeste Terrain (Moon Reflections) 2020 by Nestor Toro

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Happy to announce another sale with a collector purchasing Celeste Terrain (Moon Reflections). This work is an impactful colorfield with shades of blue, crimson, pale yellow, green, white and red undertones. Inspired by nature and island ocean…
SOLD - Mountain Terrain (Sunset - Sunrise) 2020 by Nestor ToroNestor Toro / 2020


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I am happy to announce that I have sold my work Mountain Terrain (Sunset - Sunrise) 2020 to a collector in Alexandria, VA USA. The work is 16 x 20 inches and is nature inspired by mountain views. This is a smaller work being 16 x 20 inches but…
SOLD - A Closer Look (More is More) by Nestor Toro in Los Angeles 2019Nestor Toro 2019

SOLD – A Closer Look (More is More) Painting by Nestor Toro

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I am happy to announce that my work A Closer Look (More is More) has been sold to a collector in the United Kingdom and will soon be heading across the country and the Atlantic ocean! It is always exciting to have a work sold and heading out…
Los Angeles abstract artist working on a recently SOLD original abstract painting called "December"Nestor Toro Abstracts

SOLD – “December” by Nestor Toro – Los Angeles

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I am known for my bright and bold colors so this work is unusual for me being monochromatic. It is done in my signature style with a palette knife as the main painting tool. So being different I knew that it would take a special buyer - well…

SOLD – On The Sunny Side by Nestor Toro

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Another sale and this time from Zatista gallery of a work titled On The Sunny Side. This work is a 20x16 inch canvas. The work was acquired by Jeanine in Cleveland OH. Bold work with a lot of energy! A very contemplative color palette with…
SOLD - Shimmering drizzles 1 (2018) Abstract Acrylic painting by Nestor ToroNestor Toro Abstracts

SOLD – Shimmering Drizzles 1 by Nestor Toro

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I happy to announce that my work Shimmering Drizzles 1 has been sold! The work is part of a series called Shimmering Drizzles with the other work Shimmering Drizzles 2 having already been sold! This work was sold via ArtFinder gallery who are…
SOLD PAINTING - Sky Walking 5 (2018) Abstract painting by Nestor Toro in Los AngelesNestor Toro

SOLD PAINTING – Skywalking 5 by Nestor Toro

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I am excited to announce that another work from my "Skywalking" series has been sold via the online gallery Singulart. A collector in Hong Kong purchased the 5th painting in the series. Skywalking 5 is a 20 x 16 inch painting. It's especially…
SOLD - After the rainfall - READY TO HANG! (2018) abstract expressionistic Acrylic painting by Nestor ToroNestor Toro Abstracts

SOLD – After The Rainfall by Nestor Toro

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I am happy to post that my work "After The Rainfall" has been acquired by a collector named Shaun in New York City. This work measures 36 x 48 inches. This is a vibrant statement work as you can see from the photos below. The work is inspired…
Artist Nestor Toro sending out his sold abstract art to collectors on a sunny spring day in L.A.Nestor Toro 2019

Nestor Toro Shipping Artwork to Collectors

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Today was a nice sunny spring day here in West Hollywood so it was a pleasant walk to the UPS store to send out a couple of paintings to collectors. One is heading to England and the other is on its way to Germany. My artwork is private collections…
SOLD Artwork - Sky Walking 4 by Nestor Toro in Los AngelesNestor Toro L.A.

SOLD – Sky Walking 4 by Nestor Toro L.A.

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Another of my popular "Sky Walking" series has been sold - Sky Walking 4 is the name and I could not be happier that the work so strongly resonated with a collector who was shopping at Zatista that they purchased the work to enjoy forever! Several…
SOLD - Color Contemplation Over Blue by Nestor Toro - SOLDNestor Toro - Los Angeles

SOLD – Color Contemplation Over Blue by Nestor Toro

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I am happy to announce that a collector added my work "Color Contemplation Over Blue" to their collection. The work was sold via the biggest online gallery Saatchi art one of the fine galleries who represent me. Saatchi art sponsored TOAF aka…
Nestor Toro shipping out sold abstract paintings from Los Angeles all over the worldNestor Toro Abstracts - L.A.

Manic Monday – Time To Ship Sold Artwork By Nestor Toro

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They have a saying "manic Monday" and around here it usually is just that! Here I have artwork going to New York, Boston, and Germany! How exciting knowing that my work is all over the world and being enjoyed each day by wonderful collectors…