Saatchi Collection – The Caribbean

Saatchi is one of if not the largest online art galleries in the world and the number of artworks and artists is staggering as a result. So you can imagine what an honor it is to have artwork recognized by the head curator of Saatchi art gallery Rebecca Wilson. I was fortunate to have one of my works selected for a travel themed collection called The Caribbean – appropriate for this time of year as the summer vacation/travel session officially starts next week! Thank you Rebecca and Saatchi for this recognition of my work – Nestor Toro

Here is the work entitled “Caribbean Forest Whisper

Thank you – Nestor Toro

Saatchi Art “New This Week” – 03.11.2019

It is a well known fact that Saatchi Art is the number one online gallery in the world and I am happy to once again announce that for the second time this year one of my works was chosen to be included in the Saatchi Art’s chief curator Rebecca Wilson‘s prestigious weekly “New This Week 3-11-2019” collection! Thank you very much Rebecca! Nestor Toro – Los Angeles

The work is entitled Verdor (Maritime forest) and was painted this year. The work is 48 x 36 inches and inspired by the ocean, blue skies and tropical forests with infinite shades of green!

Here is a perspective photo of Verdor (Maritime Forest) by Nestor Toro.
As you can see this artwork complements the room and being a new work from Nestor Toro the potential as an investment is great!

Room View - FULL IMAGE - Verdor (Maritime Forest) by Nestor Toro

Room View – FULL IMAGE – Verdor (Maritime Forest) by Nestor Toro