It’s been awhile since I did a detailed post with ALL of the recently sold work for 2020 so I am making a post highlighting a select few (as there are too many to post them all) and a huge thank you for all the collectors who had purchased my art before and to all the new collectors who now are owners of my artwork and enjoying them in these uncertain times we find ourselves in this year!

It is encouraging to know that art is still considered an “essential” as it should be and even more so than ever as we are spending more time inside and inside at our homes – so I wanted to share some of my works as seen hanging in actual collector’s beautiful homes! I have work hanging all over the world in 25 countries and on 5 continents which is so cool because world travel is one of my passions (my most recent trip was Hong Kong and Japan 2019 and I have multiple works hanging in BOTH those wonderful countries) and probably my biggest motivation for my artwork!!!

Whenever I travel I feel my batteries recharging as my head is filling with the stimulating sights, sounds, and smells! I was commissioned to do the artwork for an entire home in India and of course the only way to give the collector what he wanted was to go there and see the home for myself. The home was under construction and was being finished so there was no furniture but working with Mr. Jindal’s interior designer we were able to work up the number of works to be made (15 works), their sizes and the color palette that would be used for the room. I spent a week in India working with him to get all of the information and returned to the USA to do the paintings! You can check those out on this link: India Home Commission – 15 Works!

Artist Nestor Toro shipping sold artwork in Los Angeles April 2020

Artist Nestor Toro shipping sold artwork in Los Angeles April 2020 – Keep Calm and Carry On!!


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