It is always rewarding to have your work acknowledged so having my painting – A Color Equation 3 included in the Saatchi Art gallery’s weekly collection of New Work by Rebecca Wilson – Chief Curator and Director at Saatchi Art is especially thrilling for me!

Here is the featured work – A Color Equation 3 – part of a new series!


Check out past blog posts for all of the other times I have had work included in the Saatchi Art’s “New This Week” collections.


It’s already June the 6th month and the 15th of June so we are EXACTLY HALF WAY THROUGH THE YEAR! The time either seems to drag or fly by. It is clear that we do not have a full understanding of just what triggers contribute to our perception of how quickly or slowly time seems to pass in our minds yet.

I do know that our surroundings – which include the visual information we take in consciously or unconsciously,  can improve your fame of mind or mood. This is also done with art that we find visually interesting or intellectually challenging – or – which even speaks to you on am emotional level (again consciously or unconsciously) and you simply like looking at it.

You are reading this because you are interested in art and I invite you to view the works I have currently available and see if any of them speak to you.


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