Nestor Toro taking a well earned break (just for a moment) and then ready for an exciting 2020!Nestor Toro - Los Angeles

2020 – 16 Paintings Sold Works So Far!

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The year is moving along so quickly that it is hard to believe that we are already a month and half into 2020! This year is already off the an exciting start with 16 works already sold as of February 13th. I am always happy to be discovered…
SOLD - Room View - FULL IMAGE - Verdor (Maritime Forest) by Nestor ToroNestor Toro Abstracts

SOLD – Verdor (Maritime Forest) by Nestor Toro

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I was contacted by an art consultant in Miami who wanted to purchase Verdor (Maritime Forest) for a new home she was working on. She wanted artwork from an emerging artist and when she came across my artwork she knew that she had found what…
Sold Abstract - Orange Blossoms (2018) Acrylic painting by Nestor ToroNESTOR TORO

SOLD – Orange Blossoms by Nestor Toro – Los Angeles

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I am happy to announce that I have sold my vibrant work "Orange Blossoms" to a collector in Florida! This is a bright gestural action painting created on loose canvas with my favorite tool, my long blade palette knife - as you can see from the…
SOLD ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONIST ART - Dawn Drizzles (2018) abstract art Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro in Los AngelesNestor Toro

SOLD – Dawn Drizzles by Nestor Toro

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Another work done in my popular "drizzles" style has been sold to a collector in Germany! This work is huge and measures 58x44 inches. The work was sold via Singulart which is a gallery who represents my work and is based in Paris France. Just…
SOLD - How the Light Gets In by Nestor Toro 2017 Los Angeles

SOLD – How The Light Gets In by Nestor Toro

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Happy to share the news that my work How The Light Gets In was sold to a collector recently via Saatchi art gallery! The collector is right here in my current home state California! As you can see from my posts I sell worldwide and as in this…
SOLD! Enchanted Spectra 5 (2018) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro in Los AngelesNestor Toro

SOLD! Enchanted Spectra 5 by Nestor Toro

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I am happy to announce that my work Enchanted Spectra 5 has been acquired by a collector in Italy! I am always excited to know that yet another of my works has been chosen by a collector out of literally tens of thousands of available works…
SOLD - Drizzles in Motion 2 - 56 x 66 cm - Nestor Toro Los Angeles (2017)Nestor Toro

SOLD – Drizzles in Motion 2 by Nestor Toro – L.A.

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I am always excited and happy to sell an artwork and even more so when the collector is the very first in a country so I am thrilled to announce the sale of Drizzles in Motion #2 to a collector in Dubai! The work was sold via Saatchi art gallery…
SOLD - Daring Spectra by Nestor Toro in Los Angeles 2019Los Angeles 2019

SOLD – Daring Spectra by Nestor Toro

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It is always rewarding to have a painting sold and especially so when the work is newly created and only offered for a week! Such is the case with my work titled "Daring Spectra" which was acquired via Artfinder art gallery by a collector in…
Los Angeles abstract artist working on a recently SOLD original abstract painting called "December"Nestor Toro Abstracts

SOLD – “December” by Nestor Toro – Los Angeles

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I am known for my bright and bold colors so this work is unusual for me being monochromatic. It is done in my signature style with a palette knife as the main painting tool. So being different I knew that it would take a special buyer - well…
Sold Abstract painting / Thousand Points of Light by Nestor Toro - Extra Large Statement workLos Angeles 2019


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I am excited and pleased to announce the SALE of my original abstract work entitled "Thousand Points of Light (Reflective infinity)" which was sold via Zatista fine art gallery! Mixed-media painting on Canvas One of a kind artwork …
SOLD - Cracks and blinding lights by Nestor Toro (2019) Los AngelesNestor Toro 2019

SOLD Original Abstract – Cracks and Blinding Lights by Nestor Toro

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This original abstract acrylic work by Los Angeles painter Nestor Toro has been sold via Saatchi gallery and is now with a new owner in England! The work is 24 x 18 inches and is acrylic on canvas. It was created earlier this year - 2019. Thank…
SOLD - Morning Serenade by Nestor Toro 2019 L.A.Nestor Toro Abstracts

SOLD – Morning Serenade by Nestor Toro in Los Angeles

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Always happy when a collector is moved enough by one of my works that they want to own it and that is once again the case with my work "Morning Serenade" which was recently sold via Saatchi art gallery! Thank you for collecting my original…