Sold Commissioned Work

I am fortunate to have been found by a couple who collect art. They have purchased several of my works for their amazing homes and recently contacted me needing a work to fill a certain space and had a color palette they wanted. We checked the works that I had already completed for the size and color and came up with a few…one of which they tried out in the space but ultimately decided that it was not quite right so what to do? Commission one that is exactly the right size and with the color palette they were looking for!

I have to admit that it was a challenge…I am after all used to paintings with no pre-planned outcome in mind and just let the paint and canvas evolve as I work with them. Also being given a palette to work with was different of course, so it did take some time. I was overthinking the project. I was trying to visualize an outcome since I was creating a work for a specific person and for a specific space. It took me awhile to started but once I decided that I just needed to approach the canvas as I usually do then I came up with several works using the need canvas size and the client’s color palette. Here is the work that the client ultimately bought. They are happy so I am happy!

Commissioned Work - Untitled I - 2015

Untitled I, 2015
24″ x 30″
Acrylic on canvas

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