Terra Verde- Regrowth (2017) Acrylic painting by Nestor ToroNestor Toro - Los Angeles

SOLD - Terra Verde by Nestor Toro

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Earlier I introduced a collector who stopped by my studio here in West Hollywood and purchased several works, well this is one of those works. This work is 40 x 60 inches and is very gestural in execution. Many ask it I have a preconceived plan…
SOLD - Burning Wood (2017) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro - Sold

SOLD - Burning Wood by Nestor Toro

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This work is a triptych made of 3 20 x 16 inch canvases. I call it Burning Wood and the colors and the movement captured are reminiscent of a fireplace. I always find sitting in front of fire and watching the flames dance around with the ever…
SOLD -Energy Fusion 5 from the series of the same name by Nestor Toro - Los Angeles

SOLD - Energy Fusion 5 by Nestor Toro

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I have a series called Energy Fusion which has been very popular. A collector in Florida named Jennifer has recently purchased this work from that series. It is called Energy Fusion 5. The artwork is now in with Julie in the United Kingdom!…
SOLD - Infinity Landscape by Nestor Toro -Los Angeles abstract painter

SOLD - Infinity Landscape by Nestor Toro

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Patrons of the arts are those who contribute to an artist's career and ultimately the artists ability to work on their work. I have some steady collectors that I refer to as my patrons. These are collectors who buy my artwork on a regular basis.…
SOLD - Gold Creek by Nestor Toro

SOLD - Gold Creek by Nestor Toro

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I am happy to have a new collector in San Diego who is now the proud owner of this work I call Gold Creek. The work is 48 x 36 and 2017. Contemplative blue and gold abstract color field painting with lots of color blending, contrast and fine…
SOLD - Golden Springs (2015) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro - Sold ABSTRACT ART

SOLD - Golden Springs by Nestor Toro

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Yet another sale to the United Kingdom and I would like to thank James for acquiring my work  entitled Golden Springs which I painted in 2015. Inspired by bright colors such as pink and Hasan yellow. This piece is part of the intrusion series…
SOLD - Distraction from Fire (2014) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro

SOLD - Distraction From Fire (2014) by Nestor Toro

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I would like to thank John in Germantown, Tennessee for becoming a new collector of my art with the purchase of 2 works! The first is called Distraction from Fire and is 16 x 20 inches. It was painted in 2014. Thank you! About the work: Many…
SOLD - Sun Magnetism by artist Nestor Toro in Los Angeles

SOLD - Sun Magnetism by Nestor Toro

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I am happy to post the second work purchased by Anne from Texas called Sun Magnetism! POWERFUL REFLECTIVE GOLDEN STATEMENT PIECE Acrylic abstract painting conveys motion energy as well as lots of light and fast changes in color contrast.…
SOLD - "Golden Morning" - by Nestor Toro - Signed (2017) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro

SOLD - Golden Morning by Nestor Toro

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As always it is with great pleasure that I announce the sale of Golden Morning by Nestor Toro. This abstract painting was purchased by a collector in Texas for her new home and how honored that she purchased not just this work but also another…
SOLD - Spontaneous Expression # 4- Limited time offer!!!! (2017) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro

SOLD - Spontaneous Expression # 4

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Another work SOLD and what a year it has been! A collector in Texas has acquired a work from my series "Spontaneous Expressions" and will soon be enjoying this vibrant work in their home. It is always exciting gaining a new collector -  Thank…
Artist Nestor Toro in his West Hollywood studio space


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2017 has flown by and once again the holidays are here for again. It's always a busy time for me with collectors from all over the world buying artwork for gifts and (hint) for themselves! So here are a couple of photos from my studio getting…
SOLD - Heading to Paradise - Meditation (2017) Mixed Media painting by Nestor Toro in Los Angeles $3,000 - Sold

SOLD - Heading To Paradise - Meditation by Nestor Toro Los Angeles Abstract Painter

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A collector in Stanford, Connecticut has purchased one of the works from my series "Heading To Paradise". This work is called Heading To Paradise - Meditation. This piece is about embracing color and movement, the first in this paint drip…