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SOLD / Nestor Toro's work Modern Spectra and Lights (2020) 18x24 inches featured in New This Week - September 28, 2020 collection at Saatchi Art!Nestor Toro / Los Angeles

Saatchi Art’s “New This Week” 09-28-2020

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I am thrilled to announce that I have had yet another work included in Chief Curator - Rebecca Wilson's collection of "New This Week" work for September 28th 2020 but trust me - it never gets old and is always exciting and an honor to be included! As…
A Closer Look (More is More) 2 by Nestor Toro 2020Nestor Toro - 2020

Saatchi Art – “New This Week” June 15, 2020 Collection!

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It is always rewarding to be acknowledged so I thrilled to once again be included in the New This Week collection. The collection is curated by the Chief Curator and Director of Saatchi Art Rebecca Wilson. While my work has been included New…
Nestor Toro's work featured 2 weeks in a row on Chief Curator for Saatchi Art Rebecca Wilson

Saatchi Art – “New This Week” Collection – September 16, 2019

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I am thrilled to have one of my work, Conspiring With Nature 36x60 inches be included with just 99 others chosen by the Saatchi Art galleries Chief Curator Rebecca Wilson and included in the Saatchi Art "New This Week" collection for 9-16-2019.…
Nestor Toro's abstract painting "Daydream Panorama 2" displayed on the Saatchi Art home page September 9th - 14th, 2019nestor toro 2019

Saatchi Art – “New This Week” Collection – September 9, 2019

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WOW - I am so excited! I woke up this Monday and checked my email. I was informed that one of my works was again chosen for inclusion in the "New This Week" collection curated by Saatchi Art's chief curator Rebecca Wilson! This is an honor that…
Fugitive Imagination by Nestor Toro as seen on the front cover of the Saatchi art gallery site. Saatchi is the largest online gallery in the world!Nestor Toro 2019

Saatchi Art – “New This Week” – July 8th 2019

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It is always exciting to be acknowledged for an achievement and no more so than for an artist like myself. The art world is a very competitive place and the internet has made that competition explode! It is now possible for every artist on the…
SOLD - Room View - FULL IMAGE - Verdor (Maritime Forest) by Nestor ToroNestor Toro Abstracts

Saatchi Art “New This Week” – 03.11.2019

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It is a well known fact that Saatchi Art is the number one online gallery in the world and I am happy to once again announce that for the second time this year one of my works was chosen to be included in the Saatchi Art's chief curator Rebecca…
SOLD - Full Image - Island coast (Tide Pools) (2019) Abstract Acrylic painting by Nestor ToroNestor Toro Abstracts 2019

SOLD – Island Coast by Nestor Toro

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Island Coast (Tide Pools) is 48 x 36 inches in size. I created this work in 2019. Ocean coast inspired, tide pools in the Caribbean coast line. Shades of blue, ochre, yellow, carmine, orange and white. Contemplative minimalist piece.  Thank…
SOLD - XL Painting Special for the holidays. Abstracto colorido! (2018) AbstractNestor Toro Abstracts

A Closer Look (Shimmering Wonder) by Nestor Toro – SOLD

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SOLD - SPONTANEOUS INTRICATE ABSTRACT!  2019 continues to be going well with another work sold via Saatchi. This work is called A Closer Look (Shimmering Wonder) and it was featured just this week in a collection on Saatchi called "Inspired…
SOLD - Sonic Frequencies (2017) Abstract Acrylic painting by Nestor ToroNestor Toro Abstracts

Sonic Frequencies by Nestor Toro

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This vibrant work is called Sonic Frequencies. I am an artist and as such I do not put labels or limits on my creativity.  As a result I have developed many different style of work and now and then I create a work that uses several of these…
SOLD - Forest In Blue by Nestor ToroNestor Toro Abstracts

SOLD – Forest In Blue by Nestor Toro

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I am please to inform all my blog readers that I have sold my work Forest in Blue to a collector in Minnesota. This is actually my first work going to that state so thank you Ellen! This work is a great example of painting with a palette knife…
Artist Nestor Toro is seen with his recently sold abstract artwork titled - Perhaps a SunsetNestor Toro - Los Angeles

SOLD – Perhaps A Sunset by Nestor Toro

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This is the second piece that David, the collector from Georgia acquired. The work is called Perhaps a Sunset and measures 20 x 16 inches. Contemplative color field painting with lots of color blending, contrast and fine details. Textured with…
Here I am with an amazing Picasso on exhibit in the LACMA in Los Angeles

What is it about Art – Why Is Art Valued?

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Art is a magical thing in human terms. The first artistic human creations were cave paintings around 40,0000 years ago. Art is one of the most important human creations because it is not necessary for survival. Unlike food, shelter, and the…