SOLD – Forest In Blue by Nestor Toro

I am please to inform all my blog readers that I have sold my work Forest in Blue to a collector in Minnesota. This is actually my first work going to that state so thank you Ellen! This work is a great example of painting with a palette knife with big bold strokes giving the […]

SOLD – Perhaps A Sunset by Nestor Toro

This is the second piece that David, the collector from Georgia acquired. The work is called Perhaps a Sunset and measures 20 x 16 inches. Contemplative color field painting with lots of color blending, contrast and fine details. Textured with many layers of plaster to prime the canvas then applied acrylic paint with spatulas and palette knives creating very organic textures and forms. High quality Sennelier and Golden Acrylics and glossy finish. Relief texture truly a statement piece. You can probably tell that I had fun making this work! Thank you David for collecting my work!


Artist Nestor Toro is seen with his recently sold abstract artwork titled -  Perhaps a Sunset

Artist Nestor Toro is seen with his recently sold abstract artwork titled – Perhaps a Sunset

Although the work is one of my “smaller” works measuring 20 x 16 inches you can easily see that it is quite powerful. Many think that only a large statement work can have the energy like this but if you stop and think about it I am sure that you can think of many walls in your home or office that could really benefit with the addition of a work of this size! Brighten up the space…get a work to motivate, inspire, or simply take some time each day to enjoy the color and motion!


What is it about Art – Why Is Art Valued?

Art is a magical thing in human terms. The first artistic human creations were cave paintings around 40,0000 years ago. Art is one of the most important human creations because it is not necessary for survival. Unlike food, shelter, and the basics needed for survival, art is created simply to express. This is important because it shows us that the need for expression has been around a long time and has evolved along with human culture. Basic shelter was adorned with carving and later pigments for color. These works were done not out of necessity but rather out of the sheer mental stimulation that these visual additions gave. What do you think inspired these early artists? A need to leave their mark perhaps…the amazement they felt being alive and aware of their lives.

As human culture evolved and grew more complex art was used by those with the means to further enhance there surroundings. Artists were hired to create celebrate murals often with a religious theme. These works were used not only to provide visual pleasure but also to communicate stories or events considered important – thus they were beautiful and also served a practical purpose.

Because art is not necessary for the basic survival (although today we can argue that statement) it is held in high regard as a uniquely human accomplishment. Art separates us from other animals in that it is done for pleasure and is created from the mind. Art can be seen as the ultimate in human accomplishments as it has evolved from being a literal visual representation of something such as a portrait of a person who lived long ago to something that is purely enjoyable from a mental aspect such as abstract art. Abstract art is where it gets really interesting…

If you share my love of abstract art then check my available abstract artworks in the site shop.

You might just find something that resonates with you and inspires and motivates you. Nestor Toro – Los Angeles

SOLD – Burning Wood by Nestor Toro

This work is a triptych made of 3 20 x 16 inch canvases. I call it Burning Wood and the colors and the movement captured are reminiscent of a fireplace. I always find sitting in front of fire and watching the flames dance around with the ever changing light patterns putting on a show. This work has the same feel for me hence the name. It is now in New York with Roberto. Thank you very much for collecting my art – Nestor Toro – Los Angeles

Contemplative piece with great depth and organic shapes. Most of the colors are the result of color blending using acrylic mediums. This multi canvas work is truly a statement piece. I had a great time working on this painting!!! This is a multi panel artwork each canvas is 16*20 inches.

SOLD - Burning Wood (2017) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro - Sold

SOLD – Burning Wood (2017) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro – Sold

SOLD – Make Believe (with Pink Glasses)

I want to share this painting as it is part of a large commission for a collector in India that I am currently working on…a massive project of 13 works! This is a challenge and will take a lot of mental energy but being a seasoned professional I am certainly up to the task and will be updating my blog with additional work from this project from time to time as I am going to concentrate on it now that the busy holiday season is gone and we are into a new year! Thank you – Nestor Toro L.A. 2018

Commissioned work by Nestor

Here is the work in a bedroom setting – Powerful

Commissioned work by Nestor Toro

Commissioned work by Nestor Toro

SOLD – Visionary Terrain 3

I am happy announce that I have sold the work Visionary Terrain 3 to a new collector in Cambridge MA. Thank you Corey and I hope you enjoy your first fine art acquisition which will arrive there soon! Thank you again – Nestor Toro

This is a very iridescent work with greens and blue hues blending together depending on the viewing angle. You will never get tired of viewing this special statement work because you will never see it the same way twice!

Texture over gesso layered canvas using fluid translucent acrylics and iridescent mediums dropping paint layers on top of layers to make all the color blend together with texture and relief. As the paint covers the previous layers you get lots of depth and the painting becomes a colorfield landscape with different shapes as you get closer to it. This oversized painting is truly a statement piece. I had a great time working on this painting! This is a mixed media painting Oil pastels and Acrylics.

SOLD – Morning Star – 3 Phases – 1 Day by Nestor Toro – Los Angeles

I am happy to announce another of one of my works I call “Morning Star – 3 Phases – 1 Day” to a patron of my art who lives in Miami. I am grateful to my collectors who value my artwork and I am thrilled to know that my artwork is gracing the walls of their homes and being enjoyed each day! Thank you once again Jordan!

SOLD - Morning Stars - Three Phases, One Day - Multi-canvas work by Nestor Toro

SOLD – Morning Stars – Three Phases, One Day – Multi-canvas work by Los Angeles – Abstract Artist Painter – Nestor Toro

Multi panel acrylic abstract landscape bright color palette glossy finish. For this piece I used palette knifes and spatulas. Lots of energy and depth!!!

This work is a triptych which is comprised of 3 individual 16″ x 20″ canvases. They arrive ready to frame and each have a hanger on the back so they can easily be put up together.

There are also optional framing options to show off these 3 amazing works. They could each be framed individually and hung together for a different look. Another option would be a “floating frame” in which all 3 canvases are mounted in 1 frame for a different look. These options can be done by your local framer should you decide you want that.


Saatchi Art Curator – Rebecca Wilson – New This Week

I am honored to have one of my works entitled “Interrupted Frequencies” chosen by the chief curator and director of Saatchi Art Rebecca Wilson for her New This Week listing for November 6, 2017! Such an honor thank you Rebecca!

Out of thousands of artists and tens of thousands of artworks to have one of mine not only chosen but placed in the coveted top 3 spots is a thrill!

Nestor Toro's work was chosen by head curator Rebecca Wilson for this week's Best of New Art with one of his latest abstract paintings

Nestor Toro’s work was chosen by head curator Rebecca Wilson for this week’s Best of New Art with one of his latest abstract paintings


SOLD – Energy Rising – Abstract Los Angeles Artist

I have a wonderful collector in Kentucky who had acquired two of my paintings so I was thrilled when he bought a third! This work is called “Energy Rising” and is a very unique piece. As you can tell from viewing my work I paint what I want. I am do NOT restrict myself by going the traditional (boring and expected) route of producing the same work over and over ad nauseum.

No, I paint with inspiration – NOT – repetition and the result is a rich variety of works sometimes clearly related as in a series but often a singular work that is like nothing else I have done. I find that these are some of my most special works…probably due to the fact that they, like myself, are individual and unique.

This brings me back to this work, Energy Rising. It is a singular work and justly so because it contains enough creative “energy” to make 20 paintings in a series yet ALL on one canvas. The painting is deceptively simple because it is comprised of hundreds of palette knife strokes that intertwine. mingle and mix together to form an image with infinite depth. The color pallette is also one that was chosen for the effect of representing thoughts and mental energy. Thank you for collecting my work! Abstract Artist – Nestor Toro – Los Angeles

SOLD - Energy Rising by Los Angeles Abstract Artist - Nestor Toro

SOLD – Energy Rising by Los Angeles Abstract Artist – Nestor Toro

The work is 36 x 48 inches. Acrylic on canvas.

SOLD - Energy Rising by Los Angeles Abstract Artist - Nestor Toro

SOLD – Energy Rising by Los Angeles Abstract Artist – Nestor Toro

Vibrant and very detailed piece with bold color blending, lots of drips and big palette knife strokes…Pretty much everything I love in a painting!!! This painting conveys motion and energy as well as lots of light and fast changes in contrast. Has a very active summer feel and yet one can get lost in it!!! triple primed canvas and heavy layered with high quality Golden and Sennelier acrylics, ink and Liquitex spray paint, UV gloss protective spray. Contemplative statement piece.

Additional Info:

All my artwork is on gallery quality heavy duty stretched and triple primed cotton canvas and ready to hang. I include a certificate of authenticity that lists the materials as well as when the painting was completed. Fine high quality materials such as Golden and Sennelier products are used and UV protective enamel for sunlight protection.