Saatchi Art Curator – Rebecca Wilson – New This Week

I am honored to have one of my works entitled “Interrupted Frequencies” chosen by the chief curator and director of Saatchi Art Rebecca Wilson for her New This Week listing for November 6, 2017! Such an honor thank you Rebecca!

Out of thousands of artists and tens of thousands of artworks to have one of mine not only chosen but placed in the coveted top 3 spots is a thrill!

Nestor Toro's work was chosen by head curator Rebecca Wilson for this week's Best of New Art with one of his latest abstract paintings

Nestor Toro’s work was chosen by head curator Rebecca Wilson for this week’s Best of New Art with one of his latest abstract paintings


Color Field Works

One of the style of painting that I enjoy is color fields. Many underestimate this style of abstract feeling that it is too simple and prefer other styles. As an abstract painter who paints in a number of different styles I must disagree with this. Not only is technique required but even more vital is an eye for color. How they interact, how they blend together, and ultimately how they look on the canvas! I have put together a collection of one of the galleries that represent my work online Saatchi Art, a comprehensive listing of the color field works I currently have for sale.


Sold artwork by artist painter Nestor Toro titled "Road Trip Colorfield"

Sold artwork by artist painter Nestor Toro titled “Road Trip Colorfield”

You can see an example of one of my works using the color field technique/style which was recently sold. This is just one example of my color field works and if you would like to view the entire collection of my work in a variety of sizes (some with frames) and of course, and nearly infinite color range then CLICK HERE to go to view that collection on Saatchi Art Online Gallery with the Nestor Toro fine art abstracts.

The world really needs art, especially in these times we live in. Art elevates the human spirit to higher levels and takes us further to our potential. Owning an intellectually stimulating work can really enhance your home or office or simply provide a contemplate image to look at for creativity or to get lost in for relaxation!

I hope that you will check out my work and join the other collectors in over 5 continents and countries like Japan, United States, Canada, Argentina, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, France and Australia just to name a few! You are sure to find something that moves you, something that motivates you, something that you want to own and enjoy in your home each day.

Thank you –
Nestor Toro
Abstract Painter
Los Angeles

SOLD – “A Place To Hide II” by Nestor Toro

I am excited to post that I have sold one of my very newest works to a collector. The work is called “A Place To Hide ll” by abstract artist Nestor Toro

A place to hide II - Abstract Tryptic (2016) SOLD by Los Angeles artist Nestor Toro

A place to hide II – Abstract Tryptic (2016) SOLD by Los Angeles artist Nestor Toro

  • Acrylic painting, Canvas
  • One of a kind artwork
  • Size: 48 × 20 × 0.7 in / 48 × 20 in (actual image size)
  • Signed certificate of authenticity

All of my paintings start with big bold strokes of many colors. I love creating those first layers, building up into a complex combination of shapes, colors and patters. This piece was made using palette knives and rubber spatulas then covered with iridescent clear purple paint. This is a Tryptic artwork, each canvas 20*16 inches making the painting 20*48 inches total.

SOLD on Saatchi

SOLD ARTWORK "A place to hide II"- Abstract Tryptic (2016) SOLD by Los Angeles artist Nestor Toro

SOLD “A place to hide II” – Abstract Tryptic (2016) SOLD by Los Angeles artist Nestor Toro

Additional Info:

All my artwork is on gallery quality heavy duty stretched and triple primed cotton canvas and ready to hang. I include a certificate of authenticity that lists the materials as well as when the painting was completed. Fine high quality materials such as Golden and Sennelier products are used and UV protective enamel for sunlight protection.

Each painting is carefully packed and padded for a safe delivery. Paintings shipped with a tracking number.

About my work:
“I am an abstract artist. My hope is that my work will transport the viewer each time they experience them and be taken to a mental landscape of contemplation. One of my biggest influences is travel. Travel opens up your mind and frees the imagination to new experiences. Getting lost in a huge city and exploring. Nature and organic movement such as smoke, water, magnetic fields, even the global migration of animals and the way birds and fish move in unison influence me. Chaos theory and time itself are all influences on my mental process when working on a painting. The dichotomy of randomness and order existing at the same moment are what I try to capture and yet with a complexity that must be there because nothing is really absolute black and white. To view the world in that way is too easy and convenient and as a result too limiting. I create artwork outside the range of most and I explore that grey area that usually goes unnoticed.”

Artist Info:
Nestor’s art was exhibited numerous times in Buenos Aires at exhibitions, galleries, and other venues during the six years he was living in Argentina (2006 – 2012) there. He sold many pieces to private collectors in Buenos Aires. Now back in Los Angeles, Nestor’s unique abstract artwork is being added to more and more contemporary fine art collections. A recognized emerging artist in Los Angeles, his paintings are in private collections on 5 continents and countries including Italy, Japan, Spain, Canada, USA, Argentina, Great Britain, Germany, Australia, and France.