Sending Out A Large Work

Many are not familiar with the shipping of art but can imagine that it is probably quite complicated to ship such delicate items. Being a professional artist I do what I do best which is make the art, so when a collector buys it I leave that to professionals as well. I work with a shipper with years of experience and who also ships for many of the artists and galleries in the West Hollywood and Beverly Hills areas.

Each painting is packed in its own custom made cardboard crate which is constructed by hand for a perfect fit. The material is industrial strength compressed cardboard on the outside. Inside the painting has been carefully wrapped in layers of bubblewrap and protective styrofoam sheets. I have never had a problem with damage but I very often get compliments about the quality of the packing so I can tell you that it is well worth the added cost. Most artists pack their own works and not all of them are skilled remember what I said earlier about doing what you do best and letting someone else take care of the packing.

Large custom made crate shipping a painting by abstract painter Nestor Toro

Large custom made crate shipping a painting by abstract painter Nestor Toro

As you can see packing a large artwork is a work of art in and of itself! You can rest assured that any artwork you by from me personally will arrive packed at the same shipper I have used for years and you will happy with the professional touches done to assure that your new valuable artwork arrives in perfect condition! Thank you – Nestor Toro