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Abstract artist Nestor Toro with his work called 9 1/2 Hours being shown at the Fold Gallery in Los AngelesNestor Toro

Show Opening!

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The opening of the show "Echos" at the Fold gallery in Los Angeles last night was so much fun! The venue is amazing and I want to thank everyone who came out personally to view my art at the opening last night! There are 8 works on display…
Los Angeles artist Nestor Toro's series of 9 paintings on 20" x 20" canvases which is called "9 1/2 Hours"Nestor Toro

Upcoming Show – “Echoes” 2016

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EXCITING NEWS I have a feeling that 2016 is going to be an amazing year and what better way to kick it off than with a show! I am excited to be part of a new exhibit here in Los Angeles at the amazing Fold Gallery. I am one of just…
Group show in Beverly Hills Saachti event - Nestor Toro


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The group show in Beverly Hills went great. Both of my paintings were in great locations to be viewed. There were a lot of abstracts there but mine really stood out with the color and motion (even if I do say myself).  :) Anyway, I would…
Group show in Beverly Hills Saachti event - Nestor Toro

Upcoming Show in September 2015

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This just in...// Got some great news in an email from the largest online art gallery in the world Saatchi. They have invited me to participate in a very select group showing in Beverly Hills! There…