Nestor Toro taking a well earned break (just for a moment) and then ready for an exciting 2020!Nestor Toro - Los Angeles

2020 - 16 Paintings Sold Works So Far!

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The year is moving along so quickly that it is hard to believe that we are already a month and half into 2020! This year is already off the an exciting start with 16 works already sold as of February 13th. I am always happy to be discovered…
SOLD PAINTING - Night contemplation (2018) abstract art Acrylic painting by Nestor ToroNestor Toro

SOLD - Night Contemplation by Nestor Toro

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Very pleased to announce that my work Night Contemplation has been sold via Zatista gallery to a collector! One of a kind artwork - Size: 22 x 25 Inches with a signed certificate of authenticity for your protection of your investment in…
Big Orange by Nestor Toro - Sold

SOLD - Big Orange by Nestor Toro

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Orange is a strong color. It has so many emotions tied to it as well that it can bring back memories from anything from a sunset to the pumpkin patch. So you can see how this painting got its name "Big Orange" as it makes quite the statement.…
SOLD Painting - Outside of the greenhouse (2019) by Nestor ToroNestor Toro 2019

SOLD - Outside The Greenhouse by Nestor Toro

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Another abstract painting sold and this time to a collector in Germany via Singulart gallery. This work is 20 x 16 inches and is called Outside the Greenhouse. It is nature inspired as so much of my work is with organic colors as you might imagine…
SOLD - Room View - A closer look (Light intrusion) (2019) Abstract Acrylic painting by Nestor ToroNestor Toro Abstracts

SOLD - A Closer Look (Light Intrusion) by Nestor Toro L.A.

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Happy to announce that another work from my series "A Closer Look" has been purchased by Elizabeth in Oregon. Elizabeth found this work on Zatista Gallery. This work is called A Closer Look (Light Intrusion) and is new for spring 2019! The work…
SOLD - Winter melting (2018) Abstract Acrylic painting by Nestor ToroNestor Toro L.A.

SOLD - Winter Melting by Nestor Toro

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I happy to post that my work Winter Melting has been purchased by a Kevin, a collector in the United Kingdom. The work was sold via my shop on Artfinder online gallery. The work measures 20 x 16 inches. Bright color palette, blue, green, white,…
SOLD - Cathartic II (2015) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro

SOLD - Cathartic 2 by Nestor Toro

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I am happy to post that one of the works from my popular Cathartic series has been sold to a collector in New York. The work is Cathartic 2 and has been exhibited in a Saatchi Art group exhibit here in Los Angeles. The work measures 36 x 24…
SOLD - Golden Springs (2015) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro - Sold ABSTRACT ART

SOLD - Golden Springs by Nestor Toro

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Yet another sale to the United Kingdom and I would like to thank James for acquiring my work  entitled Golden Springs which I painted in 2015. Inspired by bright colors such as pink and Hasan yellow. This piece is part of the intrusion series…
SOLD - Distraction from Fire (2014) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro

SOLD - Distraction From Fire (2014) by Nestor Toro

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I would like to thank John in Germantown, Tennessee for becoming a new collector of my art with the purchase of 2 works! The first is called Distraction from Fire and is 16 x 20 inches. It was painted in 2014. Thank you! About the work: Many…
SOLD - Iridescent Volcanic Spectra - SOLD (2015) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro in Los Angeles

SOLD - Iridescent Volcanic Spectra - Statement Work by Nestor Toro

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I have sold a large work 48 x 36 inches that I painted in 2015. Thank you Karen from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. You will soon have this work in your home to enjoy! Powerful statement works like this can really make a room. This particular…
SOLD abstract art - Flying over tropics (2017) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro - Sold

SOLD - Flying Over Tropics - by L.A. Abstract Artist Nestor Toro - SOLD

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A collector in Los Vegas has purchased my work entitled Flying Over Tropics and I am very happy to have a new collector! Thank you very much and enjoy your new painting! Nestor Toro Collectors from all over the world are buying the abstract…
SOLD - Sky Walking by abstract painter Nestor Toro 2017 - SOLD ART

SOLD - Sky Walking - Nestor Toro

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This was a fun painting to make and I am really glad to have it going to its new home in Ft.Lauderdale. Thank you very much Acrylic abstract sky inspired color field mainly light blue with beige and other contrasting colors. Textured and…