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SOLD - Through The Old Lens (Incognito) -SIGNED + FRAMED (2016)

SOLD – Through the Old Lens (INCOGNITO) by Artist Nestor Toro

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I want to thank a collector in Las Vegas, Nevada for adding this work to their collection. This collector found my work on Amazon which is also associated with Zatista. Acrylic painting, Canvas One of a kind artwork Size: 20.2…
Bright sunny yellow and very vibrant carmine with delicate teal and white drips. Recently I retouch all the colors with gloss enamel to make them even more vibrant. I love that this piece is full of bold paint splatters, ink drips and brush details. The focus was texture, color and a composition with energy and movement. High grade Golden acrylics and Windsor and newton inks over triple primed lose canvas.

SOLD – Allure

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I am happy to report that a collector from Massachusetts has purchased my work I call "Allure" which as painted on canvas that I cut and primed by hand. The entire work you can see is much more organic and spontaneous yet within the seemingly…