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SOLD - Celeste Skies (2016) Acrylic painting by Los Angeles painter Nestor Toro

SOLD – Celeste Skies abstract art by Nestor Toro

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I love this color combination and as most of my works it is a pure abstraction which leaves it very open for the individual viewer to react to the work. Minimal details of complex landscapes is the inspiration for this painting and a…
Hotel California last room (2016) Mixed Media painting by Nestor Toro Los Angeles

SOLD – “Hotel California – Last Room – SOLD

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Great news, I have sold another work in the Hotel California series! This one is the Last Room which is interesting because the first one was the the first in the series which was Room 1 so now those rooms are gone. The collector is from North…
SOLD - Floral Spectra ll (2015) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro Sold at Zatista Online Art Gallery

SOLD – “Floral Spectra 2” (2015)

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A collector in Palm Springs purchased this second of a series of 3 (the second one has already been purchased). This was a special series because I have not really done anything like it again. Why...I am not sure. My artwork really is not designed…

SOLD – Interrupted Abstract Landscape 3 – SOLD

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Another tryptic work has been sold from my series "Interrupted Abstract Landscape" this one being number 3! It will soon be heading to Berlin Massachusetts to a new home where a collector will be able to enjoy it daily. It is really a colorful…
SOLD Artwork - Enchanted Spectra 2 by abstract painter Nestor Toro

SOLD – “ENCHANTED SPECTRA 2” by Artist Nestor Toro

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I have received a lot of compliments on this series and especially this work. It is called "Enchanted Spectra 2" and is a special work that include a high quality brush metal frame making it even more special! It was sold this week to a collector…


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I would like to announce that I have sold the third of the series of triptych works called "A Place To Hide 3" it is a very colorful and gestural work that a lucky collector in the United Kingdom and will soon be gracing their home! This is…
Yet another work SOLD to a collector in the great state of Texas. This sold painting is the creation of Los Angeles abstract painter artist Nestor Toro

SOLD “Here, There, and Everywhere” by Nestor Toro

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One of my works that I call "Here, There, and Everywhere" has been sold to a collector in Texas! This vibrant colorful painting is filled with joyful activity and is sure to bring light to any room! Thank you so much for inviting it to your…
SOLD artwork displayed in the collector's home in Florida. They look amazing in that bright cheerful room!

Artwork Installed In Collector’s Home

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I have the most amazing collectors and I am always happy to see where my work ends up being displayed. Here are 2 of my works in a collector's beautiful home in Florida. I think they look amazing with the color coordinated furniture and just…

SOLD – “Zephyrs” by Abstract Artist Painter Nestor Toro in Los Angeles

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This is one of my favorite works and was painted in 2014. It is really a special work and makes a bold statement! Not every room can handle such a powerful piece but I am happy to announce that it has been SOLD and is going to grace the walls…
Abstract painter L.A. Artist Nestor Toro signing a finished painting

Signing The Work

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It is always satisfying to sign a work! It is the final touch to complete the work. I have been asked about my signature. If you look closely you can see it is my last name which is Toro. In Spanish "Toro" means bull and I have incorporated…
SOLD - Original acrylic on canvas painting by Los Angeles artist Nestor Toro created in 2016 SOLD

SOLD – “Rust” by Nestor Toro

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A collector in the midwestern state of Missouri has bought my work entitled "Rust" and I am very pleased be sending my first work to that fine midwestern state! Acrylic painting, Canvas One of a kind artwork Size: 10 × 10 ×…

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Abstract Jazz (2015) Mixed Media painting by Nestor Toro abstract artist in Los Angeles

Abstract Jazz

Can be displayed either vertically or horizontally!
  • Acrylic painting, Canvas
  • One of a kind artwork
  • Created in 2015
  • Size: 36 × 48 × 1.5 in
  • Signed certificate of authenticity
  • Ready to hang
  [av_font_icon icon='ue80d' font='entypo-fontello' style='' caption='' link='manually,https://vimeo.com/284504992' linktarget='' size='40px' position='left' color='' av_uid='' admin_preview_bg=''][/av_font_icon]  VIDEO   All of my painting start with big bold strokes of many colors. Love creating those first layers building up into a complex combination of shapes, colors and patters. This piece was made using palette knifes and rubber spatulas then drizzled endless amounts of clear string gel swirling layers after layers creating the finishing texture, which is very striking. High quality rich Golden gold, orange and blue iridescent mediums and UV protection. Triple primed canvas. Statement piece.