This has been a challenging year for everyone. 2020 is not a year that will soon be forgotten but life goes on! One of the things that makes life worth living is ART – imagine the world without ART! I certainly can not nor would I want to. Art motivates and lifts us up to places that we can only go with our minds. Art should provoke a mental reaction consciously or unconsciously when experienced. This one of the main reasons that Art Fairs are such exciting events!

I participated in The Other Art Fair in 2018 which was the very first one sponsored by Saatchi Art and it was a wonderful experience! Just meeting art lovers and hearing their comments and excitement when viewing my work was most fulfilling. Naturally the events of 2020 have prevented the normal art fairs – leaving both art fans and artists disappointed.

I was therefore thrilled when I was contacted by The Other Art Fair and invited to be one of just 120 hand selected artist’s for the Los Angeles Online Studio event! It’s a great opportunity to not only view my latest work but also discover some wonderful new artists (including some of my friends) so take this opportunity to visit this “virtual” art fair event!


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