Group show in Beverly Hills Saachti event - Nestor Toro

Upcoming Show in September 2015

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This just in…

Got some great news in an email from the largest online art gallery in the world Saatchi. They have invited me to participate in a very select group showing in Beverly Hills!

There are only 40 artist chosen out of the LA visual artists in Saatchi, 50 total works and 2 of those are mine! They asked me to show 2 of my works!

This is the result of countless hours of working online promoting with social media and years of working to perfect my work to the point that it is selling almost weekly and now being invited to this exclusive show. WOW

I will keep you posted with developments as we get closer to the show and of course, stay tuned for photos from Beverly Hills!

Click to see the whole collection!

Check out details HERE

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