Los Angeles Artist Nestor Toro’s Paintings Sold in 2019

Remarkably in just a few short years after returning to Los Angeles after an extended 6 year expat experience in Argentina where Nestor organically discovered painting and spent years honing and fine-tuning his techniques, interest in Nestor’s abstract expressionistic art has exploded with consistent demand with collectors who are purchasing his abstract expressionistic paintings after discovering this emerging artist’s work being shared on social media as well as from private recommendations from gallery curators and collectors investing and and enjoying his work!

I am always honored when a collector responds to my work and wants to own it! I know that they have so many choices so to have them acquire my work is very rewarding. My work is genuine and captures my vision. Each is as unique as Los Angeles itself! You find my work in private collections on 5 continents and over 25 countries including Italy, Japan, Canada, USA, Spain, Switzerland, Argentina, Great Britain, Australia, and France to name a few. It is amazing to think my work is displayed in so many outstanding homes and offices!Los Angeles Abstract Painter Artist – Nestor Toro 

Nestor Toro shipping out sold abstract paintings from Los Angeles all over the world


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Enjoy this listing of sold artworks and I hope to see a work that you have collected on this ever growing list!