Deep Ocean Series
Sold to a private collector - nestor toro

Another One Sold

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Sold another and right after my show! It is called Orange Colorfield (Balancing Act) and one of my favorite works! ORANGE COLORFIELD (BALANCING ACT) I am really happy to be getting more exposure so that more people like the collector who acquired…
Group show in Beverly Hills Saachti event - Nestor Toro


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The group show in Beverly Hills went great. Both of my paintings were in great locations to be viewed. There were a lot of abstracts there but mine really stood out with the color and motion (even if I do say myself).  :) Anyway, I would…
Nestor Toro - abstract painter

Sold 3 More This Weekend!

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Aerosol (volcanic) Beautiful small square painting very layered and texture. Vibrant colorful iridescent acrylics and gloss mediums to make all the small details just pop! Lots of beauty! High quality acrylic and art materials and thick,…
Nestor Toro recently sold abstract paintings

“When Art Likes You Back”

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I am excited to have you at my website and even more excited to show you my work! I hope that you will enjoy viewing my work. Each one is unique and one of a kind. Abstract art is so special because it doesn't appeal to everyone and even to…
Sold artwork - Nestor Toro

Sold Another One!

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SOLD The Catch is a colorful piece that a collector just added to their collection!