Another Work Sold – “Neon Pistils”

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Today a collector in Los Angeles acquired "Neon Pistils" for their collection. This is one of my favorite works with gestural movement and color. It is a bold statement piece at 36" x 48" and striking to view in person. It is always exciting…
Migrations (Long Story Short), 2015 - Recently sold to private collector

SOLD – 3 Works To Private Collector

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It is always rewarding to meet with a collector and show them my work in person. It makes what is otherwise a cold business transaction something special. First there is just no substitute for viewing artwork in person. It is simply not possible…
Iridescent blue tangle - sold artwork by abstract artist Nestor Toro

Happy Collector

This work was sold a few weeks ago and the collector sent this photo of what it looks like installed in his home. The work is entitled "Iridescent Blue Tangle" and perspective you can see that it is 36" x 48" in dimension. A lot of people…
Iridescent blue tangle abstract painting sold sold by Nestor Toro

Another Work Finds A New Home

Sold this week a painting to a collector. The work is called "Iridescent blue tangle" and is 36" x 48"