Abstract artist Nestor Toro with his work called 9 1/2 Hours being shown at the Fold Gallery in Los AngelesNestor Toro

Show Opening!

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The opening of the show "Echos" at the Fold gallery in Los Angeles last night was so much fun! The venue is amazing and I want to thank everyone who came out personally to view my art at the opening last night! There are 8 works on display…
Sold artwork "Magic-imposition" by artist Nestor Toro painted in 2009

SOLD – Magic imposition

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A collector has purchased one of my works I made while living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was painted in 2009 and is one of my favorite works! Artist's description: Vibrant layered orange non objective painting with lots of gestural…
Drizzles II, 2015 Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro

“New Art For A New Year”

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One of my works Drizzles II is featured in an article on Zatista Gallery's website called "New Art for a New Year" and is one of just 5 works featured in the article! I am thrilled that out of the 1000's of potential works that mine was…
Commissioned Work - Untitled I - 2015

Sold Commissioned Work

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I am fortunate to have been found by a couple who collect art. They have purchased several of my works for their amazing homes and recently contacted me needing a work to fill a certain space and had a color palette they wanted. We checked the…
SOLD "Arena y Sol (sand and sun)" by Nestor Toro painted in 2015

SOLD To Collector In Belgium

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A collector in Belgium has purchased Arena y Sol (sand and sun) from the series Terrains. This is the 4th painting from that series to be purchased the series Terrains by artist Nestor Toro created in 2015. Acrylic painting, Canvas One…

Art In Collection On Zatista

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I have one of my paintings included in a collection at Zatista called "Fierce Abstract Inspiration." The work is one of my latest works  “Iridescent Volcanic Spectra” is a new and personal favorite. This could be displayed in any room to…

New Year – New Mediums!

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I like to experiment and push the limits...it's really the ONLY way to make new discoveries! If you have never failed at something you have never tried something new...it just goes hand in hand BUT it also leads to amazing new places and discoveries! So…
SOLD - Lavender Spectra (Healing), 2015 Nestor Toro

First Sale of the year! SOLD – Lavender Spectra

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What a wonderful way to start the year of 2016 with a sale on the very first day of the year January 1st! Thank you! Artist's description: Very contemplative lavender colorfield full of colorful details and rich in texture. This painting…