Artwork by Nestor Toro - Abstract Painter

Did You Know – “Pure Abstractions”

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I am a painter and my work is pure abstraction. Some might think they are easy to do and that anyone could do them. These people are of course wrong! Wassily Kandinsky said, "Of all the arts, abstract painting is the most difficult. It demands…
SOLD - Spontaneous Expression # 4- Limited time offer!!!! (2017) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro

SOLD – Spontaneous Expression # 4

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Another work SOLD and what a year it has been! A collector in Texas has acquired a work from my series "Spontaneous Expressions" and will soon be enjoying this vibrant work in their home. It is always exciting gaining a new collector -  Thank…
SOLD - visionary terrain 3by abstract painter artist - Nestor Toro

SOLD – Visionary Terrain 3

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I am happy announce that I have sold the work Visionary Terrain 3 to a new collector in Cambridge MA. Thank you Corey and I hope you enjoy your first fine art acquisition which will arrive there soon! Thank you again - Nestor Toro This is…
SOLD - Sublime Distraction by Nestor Toro

SOLD – Sublime Distraction #1 by Nestor Toro

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I am happy to announce that I have sold a work from my series "Sublime Distraction" and this work is the first of the series and called "Sublime Distraction 1". The work is 36 x 48 inches and is a vibrant statement work that is heading to Bethesda,…
Artist Nestor Toro in his West Hollywood studio space


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2017 has flown by and once again the holidays are here for again. It's always a busy time for me with collectors from all over the world buying artwork for gifts and (hint) for themselves! So here are a couple of photos from my studio getting…