SOLD - visionary terrain 3by abstract painter artist - Nestor Toro

I am happy announce that I have sold the work Visionary Terrain 3 to a new collector in Cambridge MA. Thank you Corey and I hope you enjoy your first fine art acquisition which will arrive there soon! Thank you again – Nestor Toro

This is a very iridescent work with greens and blue hues blending together depending on the viewing angle. You will never get tired of viewing this special statement work because you will never see it the same way twice!

Texture over gesso layered canvas using fluid translucent acrylics and iridescent mediums dropping paint layers on top of layers to make all the color blend together with texture and relief. As the paint covers the previous layers you get lots of depth and the painting becomes a colorfield landscape with different shapes as you get closer to it. This oversized painting is truly a statement piece. I had a great time working on this painting! This is a mixed media painting Oil pastels and Acrylics.