I paint a wide range of styles and when I am asked me what my style is I generally give an explanation rather than a simple label. I tell them that more than putting a label on work and myself I prefer to simply say that I am a painter. My techniques define me more than a style. My work is done typically with minimal planning. Of course, I have the materials on hand, but as far as the outcome or finished painting goes I really have a minimal idea (if any at all) preferring to let the work simply “happen” and allow my knowledge of what the mediums can do. I have discovered unique methods and employ my years of honing my painting. I often will create my own mediums using acrylic, inks, minerals such as iron oxide, zinc, and even 24 carrot gold leaf.

This work was done in my usual technique. I had a color palette in mind and went from there. I call this work “Just Like Honey” and a collector named Peter in my home state of California acquired the work. This work is 36 x 48 inches – Thank you – Nestor Toro

Just like honey (2018) Edit Mixed-media painting by Nestor Toro - SOLD

SOLD – Just like honey (2018) Edit
Mixed-media painting by Nestor Toro


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