Welcome to the first few days of 2022! I hope you had a good year and wish you an even better year for all of us!

I always like to recap the year by reviewing the artworks acquired by collectors during that 365 days. In 2021 Nestor was fortunate to have sold a total of 146 of his amazing works to collectors from all around the world. Nestor is grateful to all those who have added his work to your home or office. There is nothing like the unique use of color and the energy and emotion he manages to put onto the canvas with no preconceived outcome – rather just letting the raw gestural movements flow as they will. Other times he using a long palette knife and slowly pulls and pushes the paint across the canvas mixing in combinations that can only come from the mind of Nestor Toro!

It is always mesmerizing watching Nestor paint. He steps back frequently to observe the canvas from various angles adding color or details to create a perfectly visually balance work of art! Lee


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