SOLD - Iridescent Volcanic Spectra - SOLD (2015) Acrylic painting by Nestor Toro in Los Angeles

I have sold a large work 48 x 36 inches that I painted in 2015. Thank you Karen from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. You will soon have this work in your home to enjoy! Powerful statement works like this can really make a room. This particular work (as many of my works) has an iridescent characteristic which gives it different appearances from different viewing angles and different light sources such as sunlight through a window or a spot light illuminating it…or probably a combination of lighting sources. The artwork is ever changing and you simply never get tired of looking at it because it essentially never see it the same way twice! Amazing!

Iridescent volcanic spectra is a vibrant warm colors abstract landscape colorfield. Beautiful colors blend with iridescent mediums for a striking effect. This painting was completed using spatulas instead of brushes, this gives a very smooth and even texture to the piece. This painting is very iridescent with Orange, purple and blue iridescent hues. Can be displayed two different orientations.

Thank you for collecting the artwork of Nestor Toro