I would like to announce that I have sold the third of the series of triptych works called “A Place To Hide 3” it is a very colorful and gestural work that a lucky collector in the United Kingdom and will soon be gracing their home! This is the second one sold to a collector in the UK from this series alone!

A Place to Hide 3 by abstract artist Nestor Toro from Los Angeles California

SOLD ARTWORK – “A Place to Hide 3” by abstract artist Nestor Toro from Los Angeles California

  • Acrylic painting, Canvas
  • One of a kind artwork
  • Size: 48 × 20 × 0.7 in / 3 individual  16 ‘ x 20″ canvases
  • Signed certificate of authenticity

Artist’s description:

All of my paintings start with big bold strokes of many colors. I love creating those first layers, building up into a complex combination of shapes, colors and patterns. This piece was made using palette knives and rubber spatulas then covered with iridescent clear purple paint. This is a Triptych artwork, each canvas 20*16 inches making the painting 20*48 inches total. In context images not to scale.

Materials used:
Plaster, gesso, Golden, Sennelier and Liquitex acrylics and UV protected gloss coating.

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