In a world that is ever changing and usually NOT for the better, art gives us a way of dealing with these changes. We know that intellectually there is little if anything that we can do to control the world but in the world that we create in our homes we can. A work of art can (and I am really going to just speak about visual abstract art in this post) can change your mood, can motivate, can transport you to a new mental place.

I have had collectors tell me that they bought a certain work to put in the bedroom immediate in front of their bed so that it is the FIRST THING THEY SEE when they wake up in the morning – every morning – that speaks volumes and really illustrates what I mean about connecting with a work on a deeper level than just wall decor! Why simply buy “wall decor” when you can have ART – Actual Fine ART hanging on your walls to enjoy each and every day – You deserve it!

Really we buy abstract art because we visually interface with it – it completes a circuit not unlike a electric one. Your eyes take in the painting, the whole thing, then specific details. You walk around in front of the work to see how it appears (and you react to it) from different viewing angles and perspectives. You see/feel more complexity/connection the longer you look at it. Viewing the work you might recognize or see something. Keep in mind that Nestor paints pure abstractions which are not abstractions of objects or something that exists but rather something that flows out of his subconscious mind and evolves as he works on it until it simple is finished. So what you are experiencing mentally as YOU view the work is happening ONLY IN YOUR HEAD – you are having a personal experience with the work even with 15 people in the room viewing it.

That is what I find so unique and special about abstract art.

You know that the artist has put some of themselves into the work. You can feel it – the energy captured in the motion used do apply the paint. The skill and yes, natural innate talent – which they can’t teach you…you either have it or you do not! I can tell you that you have finally found a REAL ARTIST. Nestor is self taught because he is so filled with passion that his work pours out! He experimented with every medium you can imagine so that he would know what they could do and when they would be useful. He combined mediums to create entierly new ones. He also perfected new techniques of application of those mediums the same way – thousands of hours of actually painting! Yes – he did all that for SIX years in Argentina which is worth at least a degree of some sort…there was certainly more than enough time put into his studies and I think that the results are clearly apparent by simply visiting his shop.

If you are interested in investing in an artist whose work is steadily increasing in value each year since he started selling through galleries after returning to the USA from our 6 year adventure in Buenos Aires then you have found him and his name is Nestor Toro! Lee