Here I am with an amazing Picasso on exhibit in the LACMA in Los Angeles

Art is a magical thing in human terms. The first artistic human creations were cave paintings around 40,0000 years ago. Art is one of the most important human creations because it is not necessary for survival. Unlike food, shelter, and the basics needed for survival, art is created simply to express. This is important because it shows us that the need for expression has been around a long time and has evolved along with human culture. Basic shelter was adorned with carving and later pigments for color. These works were done not out of necessity but rather out of the sheer mental stimulation that these visual additions gave. What do you think inspired these early artists? A need to leave their mark perhaps…the amazement they felt being alive and aware of their lives.

As human culture evolved and grew more complex art was used by those with the means to further enhance there surroundings. Artists were hired to create celebrate murals often with a religious theme. These works were used not only to provide visual pleasure but also to communicate stories or events considered important – thus they were beautiful and also served a practical purpose.

Because art is not necessary for the basic survival (although today we can argue that statement) it is held in high regard as a uniquely human accomplishment. Art separates us from other animals in that it is done for pleasure and is created from the mind. Art can be seen as the ultimate in human accomplishments as it has evolved from being a literal visual representation of something such as a portrait of a person who lived long ago to something that is purely enjoyable from a mental aspect such as abstract art. Abstract art is where it gets really interesting…

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You might just find something that resonates with you and inspires and motivates you. Nestor Toro – Los Angeles

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