I am starting a NEW Series of blog posts that I am calling “Tales From The Studio”. In it I want to share with you some of the interesting things and/or experiences that I have encountered or dealt with as a working artist!

This the first post from the series! I hope you enjoy this small glimpse into my life as an artist…

Here is a photograph of what appears to be a painting taken in the studio here in West Hollywood. This vibrant “painting” uses a multitude of colors as you can see below.

So What Do YOU Think Of This “Masterpiece”?

Tiny section of the wall in Nestor Toro's West Hollywood studio

Nestor Toro’s West Hollywood studio

Sorry but you can’t buy this painting because the truth is that this is just a tiny section of the wall in my studio!

The “painting” is actually the remnants of 100’s of paintings I have made with the canvas on that wall using my action splatter technique. While it might appear huge in reality the image measures just 8 x 4 inches and remember that is just a tiny section of the wall! 100s of individual lines – each representing a swing of my arm throwing a line of paint! If you want to see the proof just check out the abstract paintings already sold this year – 2021!

I just thought it was cool to see and really shows off the range of colors that I use. Note that my colors are usually hand-mixed and are unique to each one of a kind painting that I create! So we made it through 2020 and this is a New Year so why not treat yourself to some New Art!


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