SOLD - Sky walking 6 (2018) Abstract painting by Nestor Toro in L.A.

I have a series called “Sky Walking” that has been very popular. There are a total of 6 paintings which are 20 x 16 inches. There are only Sky Walking 3 and Sky Walking 2 (Sky Walking 2 is hanging in my living room as I type this) paintings in the series remaining to be sold (hint) so check them out.

I am happy to announce that number 6 of my popular series has been sold to a collector in Italy! The work is a bright, minimalist painting with depth and contemplation filled. Triple primed canvas and layers of paint completed with UV protective gloss enamel. High quality Golden, Sennelier acrylics. Signed on the front. It was painted in 2018. Thank you very much and enjoy the work! Nestor Toro – Los Angeles 2019

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